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Divination is a Fully Dedicated Custom Server, focusing on every aspect of the game. We are striving not to be another RSPS, but be a server with custom content and ideas to make your stay worthwhile.

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How to set up screenshots folder

08-11-2019, 05:41 by Darks

For those who don't know Divination has an auto screenshot system, what this does on announced drops the game will auto screenshot your drop for you so you can have a record of it! Or simply clicking on the bottom right "RED" tab "Screenshot" to capture a special divination moment!


Now! Lets set up the screenshot system just in case it did not come with your download! 

Step 1. Find your Div cache file It can be found easily! Let's go to "This PC"


Step 2. Lets select "Local Disk (C:)


Step 3. A bunch of folders and other documents would appear but we're only here for 1 "Users"

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Update Log 11/1/19

04-11-2019, 22:24 by MikeWlods


Divination had an amazing launch, with a rocky road ahead of it.

Instead of bringing back what divination had in the beginning, we are going to make it better than ever.

This is only the beginning.


New Login Screen

The divination login screen has been completely redone, and the client frame has been changed.




Halloween Event

Every 30 minutes a witch will sp...

Divination Official Price Guide

04-11-2019, 22:21 by MikeWlods

Anime Cosmetics

Full Set - 1.5Q

Per Piece - 300T


Greater Box Zone

Mystery Box - 500B

Super Mystery Box - 1T

Pet Mystery Box - 500B

Ultra Mystery Box - 2.5T

Legendary Mystery Box - 4T

Cash Box - 2.5T

Aura Booster Box - 15T



DR Set - 10T

DR Per Piece - 2T

Ring of Wealth (I) - 15T

Server Statics



  • Players Online: 75
  • Staff Online: 3
  • Server uptime: 10 hours 23 minutes

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