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    • Username: Kersantti Extreme Donator
    • Username:Dead shot Age:27 Time played ( full client screenshot): Timezone:(UTC+02:00) When did you first join Divination? 5 months ago Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? yes i have been staff on other servers  Have you ever received punishment in Divination? yes If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? broke one of the rules that i deeply regret . Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): im active alot during the day i love to help people can handle any situation that gets thrown at me and i know everything there is to divination i want to see it grow and be the best out there . also i can cover the time zone that usually no staff online at this this time . Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? yes i do . i keep up with the updates discord and forums . Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): im 27 years old guy i love sports bodybuilding fitness soccer volley ball different kind of love to music i've been gaming since i was 10 i play all kind of games and i enjoy making friends and laughing even tho they are on the other side of the globe , this is one of many servers i played none of which i still play the one and only divination is too addicting and i can see it going to be the best out there its unique and different .     BEST REGARDS , Dead Shot .  
    • Guest To Hot For U
      I support Whip he has been around for ever and he was very helpful when he was a helper. I have seen him active alot lately and helping people weather it be answering a simple question or explaining how an aspect of the game works. I have talk with him several times and can say he is a nice guy, fun to hang with, and easily approachable. I honestly think Whip should be given the chance at helper. Gl Julian 😀
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