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    Divination Starter Guide

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    Divination Starter Guide

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    Divination Starter Guide

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  5. Update Log 1: Halloween Hallows Eve I: Begin by speaking to the Mummy at home. Answer the Mummy's riddle. If you can, you'll be rewarded with a blade that allows you to kill the Hallows Eve Golem! Hallows Eve II: Once you have completed Hallows Eve I simply kill the Hallows Eve Golem and place top 10 in overall damage! You will be rewarded heavily from doing this often! Cursed Witch and Elite Skeleton Raids: You may teleport to the 2 Halloween Raids by using the Spooky Fireplace at home. Both raids reward Divine Candy as common loot in quantities of 100, as well as Costume Pieces from 5 different costume sets as Rare loot and 6 different PNPC shards as Ultra Rare Loot! Divine Candy can then be spent with the Spooky Guy at home by the fireplace for custom masks, the new H'ween dye, and more! Halloween Dye: The H'ween dye has been added to the game. It can dye any of the pre-existing dyable items as well as the new Angelic Set (dyable by all dyes), and the Flaming Skulls (dyable by all dyes) Hallows Eve Golem: The Hallows Eve Golem will spawn once every 30 minutes for all players. This is a multi boss. The top 10 players who damage the boss will receive Halloween Boxes. You will need to equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade from completing Hollows Eve I in order to damage the Hallows Eve Golem. Halloween Boxes: Halloween Boxes can be purchased in the store for $1 each or earned by killing the Hollows Eve Golem. Common Loots: Divine Candy (25-500) Uncommon Loots: Skeleton Costume Set Pieces (5 pieces) Angelic Costume Set Pieces (7 pieces) - DYEABLE Rare Loots: Spooky Golem Costume Pieces (8 pieces) Angelic Costume Set H'ween Destructor (Melee Wep, 20k damage) H'ween Bow (Range Wep, 20k damage) Set Spoilers: Flaming Skulls: Angelic: Custom H'weens: Cluckinator 5000: Spooky Golem: And much more! Other / Bug Fixes: Added x2 XP ring to uncommon loot from Auragenic Case 1 and 2 Added Third Eye Aura (x2 XP gain) to both Auragenic Case 1 and 2 Changed rarity for Weapon and Armour crates and keys from Rare to Uncommon Added command ::noobsown that redirects you to Noobs Own's youtube channel Re-added Valkyrire NPC's to Loyalty Zone Fixed an issue where pets would clip over NPC's and remove the NPC's actions. Pets will now always go under other NPC's Fixed an error with using keys on boxes and it treating it as if you were doing herblore Fixed dragon hunter bones XP rates Fixed shops buy 1, 5, 10, and X ammounts Fixed error where items in players inventory do not reload when purchasing items from shops Fixed an error where loot display would not show when completing a Forgotten Trinity raid Fixed an error where regular players could not summon a Loot Goblin. Made it so that you can not attack a Loot Goblin with a pet out. Lowered Loot Goblin health to 1000 from 10000 Air and Fire bones will now properly stack Removed the rotating NPC's on the boss teleports interface completely for lag reduction Kill counts from Raids SHOULD now properly count towards overall kill count for KC requirements When doing the Boss Arena quest and in duos, both the partner and part leader will now receive quest completions Removed the base drop rate boost on staff accounts Fixed names of items that appear improperly when an item is dropped or traded Leaving jail will now only remove items from the players inven rather than their inven and equipments Adjusted rate of RAPID combat style for ranged to match other combat styles Raised cash loot from Forge bosses Added regular donator ticket to the vote shop for 25 Vote Points Changed price of Auragenic 1 and 2 Boxes and Keys from the Boss Arena shop.
  6. The Boss Arena / Duo Arena are the same thing only one is solo and the other is duo. In solo, the player must fight through waves of the servers boss npc's starting from the bottom of the list and working it's way up to and past end-game bosses. The rewards for this minigame are pretty good. First up we have the Deadpool armor set (weapons included) followed by auragenic box 1, auragenic key 1 and also the tier 2 variants. after the boxes, we have the loot goblin which can be dropped so that the server can kill it and receive loot boxes. then we have the slimmer pet, and a recolor dye for high tier items. The final items for purchase are stimulant boxes, these give items that are used for food for the arena (only usable in boss arena). Let see the ways to teleport to the minigame. Directly south of my character is the "vault" this is used to enter the solo version of the boss arena. west of my character are two npc's the one furthest is the arena manager, this npc is used to either teleport u into the duo arena, or open the shop. (please note that in order to enter the duo arena, you must either create you own clan chat and have your friend join, or join your friends clan chat) Once inside the arena you will begin a "fight caves" style of minigame. the goal is to work your way to the very end and defeated all the npc's to earn a reward. The reward for the minigame itself are boss souls, complete the arena and you get a box containing additional souls. the souls are then used in the before mentioned shop. The recommended base gear set up is a full set of jade (Range), Vulgarian (Mage), or Stormbreaker (Melee). Soulsplit is a must to make it to the end of the arena. It is also recommended to have a collectors necklace (obtained via voting) as all npc's in the arena have their respective drops. The arena is also a great way to get your kill count up for the many raids and forge bosses that are in the game as well. 1k npckills for raids, 2500 npckills for forges. Along the way you will gain boss souls to purchase very good ranged gear to help speed up you boss kills throughout the server 🙂 below are screenshots depicting some waves of the solo arena. (which is the same as duo arena) along with the stats of the full Deadpool set This concludes my first ever guide. I hope you find it useful. _~MAXINE~_
  7. Who is the Owner of Divination? Wrath Who is the co owner of Divination? Megatron who is the Development company for Divination? TMMS Development Where can i go to upgrade my jewelry? Divine Jeweler Where can i purchase the Mysterio Set? Achievement Rewards Shop Where can i purchase red recolor dye? Warzone Rewards Shop Where can i purchase the divine recolor dye? Divine shard shop Where can i purchase a combat assisting pet? Arena Rewards Shop What is the most expensive Vote Reward? Gold Recolor Dye What boss appears first in the Boss Arena? Melevolent How many waves are in the Boss Arena? 50 How many players can join the Boss Arena together? 2 Who is the first tier Magic Raids Boss? Voldemort Who is the first tier Melee Raids Boss? Deiznowts Who is the first tier Ranged Raids Boss? Shannara How many raids are there in Divination? 15 How many letters in the word Divination? 10 What is the lowest donor tier that can ::yell? Super Donator What is the highest donation tier? Divine Donator Where can I post a mute/ban appeal? Forums What is our website URL? Divination-rsps.com What is the max level in a skill? 120 At what Loyalty level do players unlock ::lz? 99 How many Combat Prestige Levels are there? 10 Where do you go to Prestige? Prestige Master
  8. Ranks Donator - 1.0 Super - 2.0 Extreme - 3.0 Sponsor - 5.0 Executive - 7.0 Divine - 10.0 Prestige Level 0 = 0.0 1 = 5.0 2 = 6.0 3 = 7.0 4 = 8.0 5 = 9.0 6 = 10.0 7 = 11.0 8 = 12.0 9 = 13.0 10 = 15.0 Gamemodes Iron Man - 3.0 Elite - drop rate boosters are divided by 2 Amulets Fabled Necklace - 1.0 Divine Necklace - 2.0 Amulet of Divination - 2.0 (increased stats) Event Chain (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange) - 3.0 Event Chain (Rainbow) 8.0 Send Nudes Icon 5.0 Send Nudes Icon (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Divine) - 6.0 Amulet of Oz - 10.0 Rings Ring of Wealth - 1.0 Ring of Wealth (i) - 2.0 Ring of Fortune - 3.0 Fabled Ring - 4.0 Divine Ring - 5.0 Ring of Divination - 6.0 Ring of Oz - 10.0 Auras Fortune 1 - 1.0 Fortune 2 - 2.0 Fortune 3 - 3.0 Jack of All Trades - 3.0 Arrows / Scrolls Perilous Arrow - 5.0 Arrow of Oz - 10.0 Shards DR Shard - 10.0 Helpout's Shard - 10.0 Other / Misc. Drop Rate Potion - 0.5 Well of Goodwill - 0.5 (5.0% Double Drop Rate) Donor Prayers - 0.5
  9. Good job Cybora! Simple easy to follow instructions!
  10. Hello and welcome to the Divination Reborn starter guide Choose your game mode Citizen-The most basic game mode, can prestige 10 times, has base 0% DR/DDR and gets 100% effect from all DR/DDR items Elite- The most hardcore game mode we have, Can prestige 10 times, base 0% DR/DDR, 1/2 Citizen XP rate after Prestige, 1/2 DR/DDR from items Ironman- Casual and easiest game mode on divination , cant trade or stake, 3x XP gain, base 3% DR/0% DDR, 100% effect from DR/DDR items The first thing i recommend doing after making your account is Voting on all sites to get yourself a free Collector neck After or before voting you can choose to prestige or not to prestige with the Prestige master at home (prestiging gives 5% DR for citizens/Irons and 2.5% for elite) Prestiging will reset all your combat and prayer back down to 1, so be prepared to grind that back up, i recommend getting bones before prestiging or level you thieving to 85 so you can thieve bones (check out our thieving guide here on money and bone thieving methods) http://divination-rsps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/136-thieving-guide/&tab=comments#comment-201 After choosing if you wanna gain the 5% or not you can move onto either slayer (guide soon to come) or killing bosses to gain gear! Go ahead and click your magic book or type ::train to begin killing bosses Tier 1 is where you wanna start, from the list top to bottom is the order you'd wanna go in based on what attack style you wanna choose Tier 1 bosses Malevolent-Melee Seraphic-Mage Siren-Range Tier 2 bosses Empyrean-Melee Galactic invader-Mage Rogue-Range Tier 3 bosses Predator assassin-Melee Predator Druid-Mage Predator archer-Range Tier 4 bosses Daegon-Melee Tal'Gara-Mage Shade-Range Tier 5 bosses Destroyer of worlds-Melee Polyphorian-Mage Dragon hunter-Range Tier 6 bosses Storm breaker-Melee Vulgarian-Mage Jade archer-Range After you have completed your tier 6 boss armor set your ready grind out 1,000 kill count if you havent gotten there already (you can check kill count with ::npckills) After getting 1,000 kill count and your tier 6 boss armor you are ready to kill some raid bosses! here is a list and tiers of each raid boss Tier 1 raid bosses Voldemort-Mage Deiznowts-Melee Shannara-Range Tier 2 Raid bosses Guardian-Melee Draconic-Range Diabolic-Mage Tier 3 Raid bosses Aquatic warrior-Melee Aquatic Ranger-Range Aquatic Mage-Mage Tier 4 Raids bosses(Can only be fought after getting a forgotten Crystal drop from a tier 3 raid boss) Forgotten warrior- BIS Melee Forgotten Ranger-BIS Range Forgotten Mage-BIS Mage Tier 5 raid boss Nex(Not currently in game) After you Complete raids tier 3 gear at least your ready to move onto your 2,500 Kill count for Forge bosses (Raid bosses do not count toward kill count) These are the Tiers of forge bosses you can kill after getting 2,500 Npc Kills Tier 1 Bandos-Melee Armadyl-Range Zamorak- Range/melee Saradomin-Mage Tier 2 Raijin-sama- Melee Captain Blackbeard-Range Lunarian Prince-Mage Tier 3 Earth Elemental-Melee Air Elemental-Range Fire Elemental-Melee Water Elemental-Mage I hope this helps you begin your journey in Divination! Feel free to PM any staff online for help or tips!
  11. Thank you for your application! We should be back with you shortly.
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    support staff

    Username: Harrison Age: 23 Time played ( full client screenshot): Timezone: UTC+11)‎ When did you first join Divination? i join last year Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? yes i do have experience being staff it was awhile ago Have you ever received punishment in Divination? nope If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): i have basic understanding about the server i like to help players out with problems. report bugs that tell to me to the owners and other staff members so they know whats going on. yea just helping really with anything. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? i do i like to give suggetions how to do things and make the server better for the player base. i used to make models for fun but for new things i can make and help out with models. i only no how to make weapons atm but that is fine i can always learn with other staff members Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): i love playing rsps i love sports and the gym i like talking to players in discord love drinking only the weekends tho. i cant work atm because of my back problems it sucks but i like talking to players and playing rsps for fun and etc
  13. general commands ::forums - opens forums ::discord - opens the divination discord ::vote - vote for rewards ::donate - opens donation store ::wiki - open divination wiki. info on gear, pets, and more ::donated - Claim you donation ::voted - ::reward id all - claim your vote ::home - Teleports you home ::train - Opens boss teleport interface ::raid - Teleports you to the Raid hub ::forge - Opens forge boss teleprt interface ::zone - Opens the zones teleport interface ::lz - teleports you to the loyalty zone (99 loyalty required) ::deals - opens the donation deals interface ::collect - to collect items from upgrading, lottery ::grandlottery - opens grand lottery interface to win prizes ::type - to answer the type challenge ::trivia or ::answer - answer trivia questions ::divinestate - to check time left on divine potions ::empty - WILL EMPTY YOUR INVENTORY, CLICK YES OR NO TO CONFIRM ::npckills - Shows you total npc kills and specific npc kills ::toggleyell - toggles yell off or on ::xplock - toggle experiance gain off or on ::withdraw - withdraws gp from money pouch ::mini - Open mini me dialog to summon, dismiss, show minime details ::elo - opens Elo interface. 100 kills daily to raise 1% or 0.01 stat multiplier ::lottery - opens lottery ::drops - opens interface to find certain npc drops ::yell - send message to server in chat box ::setyelltag (tag here) - change yell tag (13 character limit) ::yellinfo - shows your yell color, shade and tag ::setyellshade - yell shade ::setyellcolor - yell color ::resettag - resets yell color shade tag ::Bank - for super donator+ ::szone - teleports you to sponsor zone ::ezone - teleports you to executive zone ::dzone - teleports you to divine zone ::dab - divine donor can Dab animation Helper ::inv-name - shows player inventory ::showbank-name - shows players bank ::xteleto name - teleport to player ::xteletome name - teleport player to you ::staffzone - teleports Helper+ to the Staff zone ::kick-playername-reason - kicks a player account offline ::mute-name-reason ::jail-name-reason - jails player, they will have the option to serve their time or thieve 1000 key dust to combine into a key to get out of jail. player will lose EVERYTHING in their invent if they leave jail. Mods ::unmute name ::unjail name ::ipmute-name-reason ::ipban-name-reason ::checkmulti-name - checks players ip for accounts logged in Admin ::challenge-reward_id-difficult (Difficult stands for characters in challenge) ::resetchallange ::managegl - edit grand lottery ::addcoll-id-amount-playername ::unipmute name ::unipban name ::ban-name-reason
  14. Regarding Donation Refunds: Only receipts from the 2020 fiscal year are valid. In order to receive a refund for your prior donations you must email us at “DiviRefunds@gmail.com” with the following information. Email Topic: “Username refund request - date” Email information: In game username Screenshot of ingame username AFTER are-release (so that we don’t refund anyone using your username that isn’t you) Total Donated: SCREENSHOTS of ALL receipts. Only donations that can be accounted for will be refunded (except in rare cases). How refunds will be handled: Players who have a total of under $1000 donated will receive 1/3rd of their donations every week for 3 weeks (to stop the flow of items within the first day of the server). Players with over $1000 may claim their Divine Donator rank on day 1, but may not claim items such as Glaive’s until they’ve been refunded $1000+ total from their 3 1/3rd refund splits.
  15. First you wanna talk to the Master Thief at Home next to the slayer master. he will tell you what you can thieve and at what level.
  16. Please use the format below to submit a staff application. Username: Age: Time played ( full client screenshot): Timezone: When did you first join Divination? Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? Have you ever received punishment in Divination? If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum):
  17. This is our fully updated staff list. Owner - Wrath Co-Owner - Megatron Head Administrator - Shadow Corey Donation Manager - Community Manager - Noobs Own Administrator - Kwibus Moderator - Gains Moderator - Bulki Server Support - maxine Server Support - heatedtyre Server Support - cybora Server Support - simon Server Support - Z0wnr Server Support - Rite
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