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  3. fallen eclipse sets? and staff / off hands
  4. This is our fully updated staff list. Owner - Helpout (Discord: Helpout#6233) Owner - Daniel (Discord: Daniel♡#3968) Head Administrator - Megatron (Discord: MegatronPK#9957) Donation Manager - Dm Shadow (Discord: Shadow Corey#1198) Community Manager - TBD Administrator - TBD Moderator - Kwibus (Discord: Kwibus#6450) Server Support - Z0wnr (Discord:Z0#3232) Server Support - Dead Shot (Discord: Deadshot#0900) Server Support - Whip47 (Discord: Whip47#6402)
  5. Donator Benefits Donator rank can be obtain Via Donating from ::store , Buying from players , from ingame boxes or By Voting in game , This rank gives opens up some amazing benefits such as a new Zone , Donator icon above you're characters head, To access the Donator zone you can Press Signpost and click on zones, This zone includes Donor rares, Potions, Trimmed shop, Altars, Bank, Donator chest, Crystal Key chest, $5 credit Redeem store And the ability to turn into a pokemon ::giodude, Along with these benefits you will also be able to set your yell tag/color and shade with the following commands ::setyelltag (taghere) , ::setyellcolor (color here) and ::setyellshade (shadecolorhere) The Donator Button gives you access to "Anywhere slayer" which allows you to speak/get task from slayer master anywhere , "Mobile Spellbook" which allows you to Change your spell book anywhere and "Donator zones" Which allows you to teleport to Donator zones. All Donator Zone Shops : You will also have access to "Donor boss" donor boss is only available to players who are donator, Super donator, Extreme donator, Sponsor, Executive,Divine Donators This Donator boss can be found at ::donorboss , This boss is great for framing Frost Dragon bones and Lamps if you wish to Max out your stats. Lamps however do not affect Loyalty rank or Gambling Donator Prayers Donators Will gain access to exclusive Donator prayers, The higher you're donator rank , the more prayers you unlock. Super Donator rank can be obtain ingame via boxes , Bought from players or by ::donate , You will have access to all the benefits of a Regular Donator as well as new benefits and Zone. Super Donators unlock the command ::bank which allows players to bank anywhere without the need of finding a banker or bank window. Super Dungeon will have Super Donator boss's, Killing one Super Donator boss will Give you 1 Donator point which can be spent at the Super Donator Store. You can also turn into a Lamborghini with the command ::Drive Extreme Donator Can be Obtain ingame through Boxes such as "legendary box" , Buying from players or ::donate Extreme Donator rank Comes with all benefits from Donator and Super Donator and zones with the additon of the Extreme donator zone Which allows AOE to attack multiple npc's at once. Daily chief will Grant Extreme donators a daily rewards which is Random, Daily rewards can consist of myster boxes, crystal keys, Chest keys , Cash box. You may clam your daily rewards by right clicking the Extreme Chief Killing Bosses in the Extreme Donator zone will give 2 Donator points to be used at the Extreme Donator Store, Additionally you can gain Donator points from skilling such as mining or fishing. Sponsor can be obtained from Donating via ::donate for $125 Sponsor will Come with all the benefits of Donator,Super Donator , Extreme Donator along with all zones and commands Sponsor Will grant the player 5% drop rate boost which is stackable with Hardcore mode and ironman, This also stacks with any Drop rate increasing items/gear Sponsor also comes with the Sponsor cape which gives 25k stat to everything aside from Magic damage You can teleport to old Sponsor zone by wearing Sponsor cape and right click operate it, Speak to Master Sponsor to claim Daily reward Sponsor will also come with Sponsor zone , a New multi combat zone with AOE and Instanced so you will have the zone entirely to yourself Speak to "King of spon Sponsor point are obtained through Forges which can be used at the Sponsor Point Shop Old Sponsor zone will give 1 Sponsor point for every npc killed to be used a the Sponsor Point shop Protein Shop gives access to a variety of potions that Increase your stats Executive is the 2nd highest Donator rank which Can be obtained by donating $300 , Executive rank Also comes with The Executive Cape 2nd BIS cape excluding 1 hit capes , This grants you +50k to all stats, 10% Drop rate boost, access to AOE Executive Instance, The executive Raid, And the New Executive panel with exclusive emotes, Anywhere prayer refills, and Temporary Boosts! At these Locations you will have the option to fight a variety of bosses and gain Executive points to be used at the Executive shop and Train skills, Executive Donators Also have access to the Executive raids where they can fight Baphomet an executive exclusive boss. Executives Are rewarded with a Daily login reward, Simply speak to the Executive Rewards Master Executive skilling area features Lava and The tree of dreams in a secluded zone away from other players, There is also fishing areas Which allow you to Catch "Rainbow fish" Which heal you to full hp instantly. Executive Shops: Divine Rank can be obtained by donating a total of $1,000 in game , This rank Also comes with the Divine armour set + Cape , This is the BIS cape (Excluding 1 hit capes) and the set with 200k+ stats ( 410% DR , 60% DDR) New Divine zone with ALL Raid bosses inside , New Divine Boss Unique to Divine Donators. Edited July 5 by Helpout
  6. Divination Price Guide This guide will be updated on a weekly to monthly bases to ensure all prices are up to date if any items are missed please pm me or leave a reply and they will be added. Armour/weapons Vulgarian Armour pieces are 250k ea Vulgarian staff 400k Storm breaker Armour pieces 250k ea Storm break maul 400k Jade archer Amour pieces 250k ea Jade bow 400k Valkyrie All amour pieces 5q-8q Weapons 10q Loyal dwarf Armour pieces 10q-15q ea Weapon/shield 13q ea Voldemort Armour pieces 1-2q Elder wand 3q Guardian -1q ea Draconic - 1q ea Diabolic - 1q ea Raiden - 1q ea Trinity Armour pieces 1q-2q ea Weapons 2q-3q ea Bandorian Armour 15-20q Bandorian kyzaj 30q Zamorakian Armour 15-20q Zammy bow 30-40q Zammy spear 25-30q Saradomic Armour 15-20q Saradomic staff 30-40q Saradomic shield 20-25q Raijin Armour pieces 100-125q Scythe 125q Blackbeard Armour pieces 100q -125q Pistol 125q Lunarian Armour pieces 100q-125q Lunarian staff 125q Perilous (price to be decided as there is not many pieces in game.) Forge Boss Fragments Trinity fragments 1q ea Zamorkian fragments 5q ea Saradomic fragments 5q ea Bandorian fragments 5q ea Raijin fragments 25q ea Black beard fragments 25q ea Lunarian fragments 25q ea Donation items (donation items will have two prices set for them, prices are based off in name donation price 3-5q per 1$ and buying as a regular item off players) Send Nudes Aura-$75. in game price - 80q to 100q Magical ring of oz-$150. in game price 800q Magical arrow of oz-$175. in game price - 1qt Amulet of oz-$175. in game price - 1qt $5 credits- price in game 20-30q ea Divination glaive-$1000. untradeable in game Baby yoda pet-$300. in game price - 2.5qt Executive rank-$300. Mini me ability ticket-$350. in game price 2.5qt-3qt Executive totem-$200 donation. in game price 2qt-2.5qt Sponsor rank-$125. BFG9000's- $25 ea. in game 30-35q ea White BFG's - $50 ea. in game price 80-100q ea Regular yoda pet- in game price 25q-30q Heli pet- in game price 15q to 20q limited time pets- T-rex pet wounded warrior tank Aussie pet Pets (in game prices) Heartless pet (limited time pet) 500-600q T-rex pet (limited time pet) 3qt+ Yoda pet 25q-30q Heli pet 15q to 20q Regular boss npc cosmetic pets (droprate-jade archer) 2q ea Forge bosses' cosmetic pet 10q ea Necromancer pet 5q Cupid pet 30-35q Boxes Legendary mystery boxes- 150t Ultra mystery boxes - 50t Pet mystery boxes- 50t Super mystery boxes - 25t Aura booster boxes 1q-2q ea Misc. Divine Shards - 10-15q ea World boxes 10 ea World box keys 10q ea All holiday boxes (valentine's day, Halloween, thanksgiving) - 3q ea Bouquet of flowers- 50q-75q Angelic set- 100q-175q Hween destructor- 150q-175q Hween bow- 150q-175q Flaming skull - 200q Loyalty fragments - 3q per 1k fragments Jack of all trade's aura - 350-400q
  8. Username: Kersantti Extreme Donator
  9. Username:Dead shot Age:27 Time played ( full client screenshot): Timezone:(UTC+02:00) When did you first join Divination? 5 months ago Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? yes i have been staff on other servers Have you ever received punishment in Divination? yes If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? broke one of the rules that i deeply regret . Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): im active alot during the day i love to help people can handle any situation that gets thrown at me and i know everything there is to divination i want to see it grow and be the best out there . also i can cover the time zone that usually no staff online at this this time . Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? yes i do . i keep up with the updates discord and forums . Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): im 27 years old guy i love sports bodybuilding fitness soccer volley ball different kind of love to music i've been gaming since i was 10 i play all kind of games and i enjoy making friends and laughing even tho they are on the other side of the globe , this is one of many servers i played none of which i still play the one and only divination is too addicting and i can see it going to be the best out there its unique and different . BEST REGARDS , Dead Shot .
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    staff application

    I support Whip he has been around for ever and he was very helpful when he was a helper. I have seen him active alot lately and helping people weather it be answering a simple question or explaining how an aspect of the game works. I have talk with him several times and can say he is a nice guy, fun to hang with, and easily approachable. I honestly think Whip should be given the chance at helper. Gl Julian 😀
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    staff application

    Username: Whip47 Age: 18 Time played ( full client screenshot): https://gyazo.com/b703f632cc6578482ee52980aa6ee619 Timezone: GMT+2 When did you first join Divination? back in august 2019 Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? ive been helper, admin, mod and even owner on previous servers. was helper on this server but didnt have much time to play so i got demoted. Have you ever received punishment in Divination? no Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): i think i would be a great helper and ive bee With this server since almost day one. i love to help People and i think im the only player left who has been here since day one. i also have a timezone to cover for when another staff might be offline. im a really Nice dude and would love to help out the server that im addicted too. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? i think i do yes. Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): im an 18 year old guy that just sits on his ass playing games and work from home. i got addicted to this server first day of playing it and has been playing it from time to time in a period of almost a year now. I also love to play Soccer and do that when i have the time to. ive heard from friends and Family that im a Nice guy and fun to talk to. im also addicted to Call of duty so i play that aswell. would love to be apart of the team again<3. Much love, Julian.
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    Shadow Corey's Staff Application

    Username: Shadow Corey Age: 28 Time played ( full client screenshot): https://gyazo.com/1f1e8789c7ec5f98eb4ab576afaf82e5 Timezone: Central sdaylight time UTC-5 When did you first join Divination? around November 2019 Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? Not much, but I was a forum mod for a couple non rsps games, and was support on a small rsps a while back Have you ever received punishment in Divination? Nope, im a good boy If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): Well, I know pretty much all there is to know about Divination. When players ask questions in cc, ill answer them. I am very friendly, easy to get along with. im friendly to others. I usually don't argue with others, im a calm person. I usually try to deescalate things if I can. as staff member I would make sure to keep things as "PG" as possible. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? some, not much. but im a quick learner and im confident I will catch on. Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): My name is Corey, I am 28, I live in FL, USA. im a gamer, I play CoD, Borderlands, GTA, just to name a few. I love music, metal mainly but will listen to anything really, you'd be surprised what I listen to. always looking for new music too so suggest something to me. as stated before im friendly and can talk to anyone. just PM me or talk to me ingame im sure to reply. I work at a grocery store overnight. (trying to get promoted) yeah, pretty much it, im kinda simple.
  13. Youtube video event! Rules are as follows: Minimum time of video: 5 minutes Topics that can be covered: Loot from (x amount of kills) - Bank showcase - Guide on PVMing, Setups, Quests etc. Winners will be picked on June 15th! Once it is uploaded send me the link and I will have it posted in divination media! Good luck everyone ❤️ Top 3 Winner Prizes are as follows: 1st: Baby Yoda Pet 2nd: Executive Totem 3rd: 5 Divine Boxes
  14. I will be hosting a Massive Elite Raid Challenge! Winners will be rewarded as follows: -First to obtain 1 Trinity Teleport Crystal= $50 in store credit (WON BY GAINS) -First to obtain all 3 Trinity Teleport Crystals= $100 in store credit (WON BY Z0WNR) -First to obtain 1 of any Forgotten Trinity Pieces= $250 in store credit (WON BY NKS) -First to obtain all 4 Forgotten Trinity Weapons= $350 in store credit -First to obtain all 5 Armour pieces= $500 in store credit You can obtain the teleport crystals by engaging in the normal raids as they are added to their drop table! You will need all the crystal to obtain all 9 armour/weapon pieces for the set Raids boxes will also be dropped uncommingly from the Elite Raid and will have a 2 percent chance at receiving a Forgotten Trinity item. Other rewards include Tier 2 Raid weapons, 1-3 Trinity Fragments, 5-15 Raid SET CRATES. Boxes will be available on the ::store
  15. Hello everybody, I'm Nick! I am the new Development Coordinator! I'll be releasing spoilers for new maps/bosses/raids/armour. I work closely with Helpout, as literal as that sounds, as in our desk are right next to each other when working. I am still new to Divination and excited to get to know everyone in the community:) If anyone has any suggestions feel free to message me in discord or in game!
  16. Thank you for taking the time and writing out this application. We will get to you as soon as possible with a decision.
  17. Username: z0wnr Age:23 Time played ( full client screenshot): 50 hours can verify in discord if needed https://gyazo.com/8a33976a11430ee0f474deecb210aab1 Timezone: EST When did you first join Divination? september of 2019 Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community?yes ive been moderator on tyras for many months left due to sever dying , been helper on snow rsps and also manic ps Have you ever received punishment in Divination? never If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): why i should be chosen over other applicants is im very helpful and a friendly person i usually can play at least 5 days a week for several hours considering i own my own business and have a lot of time that i am able to play whilst working. As i stated earlier ive been playing for over half a year damn near everyday and keep up with the updates so im able to inform other players of upcoming updates along with the newest updates that have been implemeted. I am not a biased person if sombody was breaking rules they would all be held to the same standard. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? yes as stated ive played for many months and have knowledge of every tier of the game from starter to end game. Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): im a 23 yr with 2 children and a wife, i own my own business and understand the dedication needed to make businesses grow whether virutally or in real life the same principles apply. I'm pretty easy going and consider myself pretty personalbe and able to relate to people. I love the server and the uniquness of it i want to see the server continue to grow and thrive and i would do whatever i can personally to help achieve that goal .
  18. Thank you for this application, if you have any other questions to help you along your way please feel free to message me and we can talk more on this subject as we did before ❤️
  19. Username: yaboimattie Age: 14 Time played ( full client screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a8de9cfae01e1baab91e50a2b07bbef7 BUT ive been playing since it came out , if u ask mike Timezone: EST When did you first join Divination? about when it came out Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? yes in a big community of rsps's Have you ever received punishment in Divination? no , i havent and are hoping not to If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? no Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): well , thats up to you to think , but to me its that i love chatting and helping with other players in the game , and im basiclly online 24/7 , if not , im on when i can be on. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? yea i consider myself knowing a pretty good amount of knowledge on the game considering how long ive played Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): my name , matthew , ive been playing rsps's for about 3-4 years now , and ive been playing divination about 2 years now , and in total its been my all time FAVOURITE server even if not many play it , and myself i wanna try to bring more players to join , i consider rsps's basiclly the only thing i play nowadays , and right now at this moment , divination is the only thing i play. and im hoping you take the time to read this and maybe make me staff / support , thanks 😄 ~ Mattie
  20. Quarantine isnt over everywhere yet. For me its still up and running. I just dont know when Mike gonna pull the winner. Probably gonna wait for majority to finish.
  21. Quarantines over pick winner😂😂😘
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    TD app

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    TD app

    Username: Shadow Corey In-game time: 4 1/2 days Timezone: Cst Payouts (screenshots): Why should we promote you to Trusted Dicer? To help players gambling, to middle man for them and uphold he rules of gambling/dicezone, and to minimize scams How would you handle a conflict between two players? find out what the conflict is about and try to resolve the problem without it escalating. remind players of the rules. and deal with issue accordingly.
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