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    General Information: During the month of April we will be hosting a large number of "events" both in-game, and outside of the game, that will give players a chance at earning a custom wrapped Divination PS4 Console and Controller. These "events" will be listed below, but include top voters, top discord inviters, and players who strive to complete as many of our new achievements as possible. At the end of the competition, we will tally all users progress in this competition. The players who meet the guidelines listed below Will have their name written on a piece of paper, and drawn from a hat at random on live cam on May 1st. The first name drawn will be the winner of the PS4 and controller. We will then continue to draw 3 more names. Those 3 names will win a Divination Gaming Mousepad, or if they already have one, can choose to opt for a Divination Hoodie Follow the "How To Enter" guidelines below for your chance at a FREE Ps4! How to enter: 1. Top 3 Voters: We have redone our vote sites, please vote on all sites daily for your chance to place top 3 in monthly votes! Please note, the maximum number of votes a player can obtain from voting every 12 hours is 600 (20 a day, for 30 days). Players who bot votes will be considered immediately disqualified from this competition. Botting votes puts us at risk from being on these vote sites. We will not tolerate any form of cheating during this competition, especially I it puts our vote site reputation at risk. 2. Top 3 Ironman Achievements: The players who acquire the most in-game achievements on an IRONMAN ACCOUNT with the tag "PS4" at the beginning of their username will have a chance to win! Your account must contain the tag "PS4" at the beginning of your name. IE - "PS4 Wlods" or "PS4 Lewis". Players are allowed to donate on these ironmen accounts for an advantage, but they can not transfer any items between their main accounts and their PS4 Ironmen (hence the need for the account to be Ironman). In the event that a player is caught abusing an in-game bug to achieve an advantage over other players, that player will be disqualified from this competition. Achievements will be judged on a point base system. Easy Task - 1 point Medium Task - 2 Points Hard Task - 3 Points Elite Task - 5 Points 3. "Most Helpful non Staff" We will be running a poll on our Discord during the last week of the month. This poll will allow players to choose "the most helpful non staff" through their eyes. The player awarded as "The Most Helpful Non Staff" will not only have a chance at winning the PS4, but also be offered a spot as a trial Helper on our staff team! 4. Top 3 Discord Invites The top 3 players who reach the most discord invites throughout the month of April will have a chance at winning the PS4. Please note, advertising in another servers discord is strictly prohibited. If a player is caught advertising in another servers discord they will be unable to compete in any part of this giveaway. All of their current drawings will be removed. Advertising to your friends in PM is fine, but advertising to strangers in a PM from another servers discord is not allowed. While we encourage you to invite players, we know the effect advertising in other servers discords can have. Please refrain from doing such. 5. The top donator for the month. The player who achieves the highest total amount donated throughout the month of April. 6. Donate $150+ throughout the month Any player who donates $150+ throughout the month will have a chance of winning the PS4. This does NOT stack, IE: If you donate $300, you will still only get 1 drawing. If you donate $150 on two different accounts, you will still only get 1 drawing.
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