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    PS4 Giveaway!

    General Information: During the month of April we will be hosting a large number of "events" both in-game, and outside of the game, that will give players a chance at earning a custom wrapped Divination PS4 Console and Controller. These "events" will be listed below, but include top voters, top discord inviters, and players who strive to complete as many of our new achievements as possible. At the end of the competition, we will tally all users progress in this competition. The players who meet the guidelines listed below Will have their name written on a piece of paper, and drawn from a hat at random on live cam on May 1st. The first name drawn will be the winner of the PS4 and controller. We will then continue to draw 3 more names. Those 3 names will win a Divination Gaming Mousepad, or if they already have one, can choose to opt for a Divination Hoodie Follow the "How To Enter" guidelines below for your chance at a FREE Ps4! How to enter: 1. Top 3 Voters: We have redone our vote sites, please vote on all sites daily for your chance to place top 3 in monthly votes! Please note, the maximum number of votes a player can obtain from voting every 12 hours is 600 (20 a day, for 30 days). Players who bot votes will be considered immediately disqualified from this competition. Botting votes puts us at risk from being on these vote sites. We will not tolerate any form of cheating during this competition, especially I it puts our vote site reputation at risk. 2. Top 3 Ironman Achievements: The players who acquire the most in-game achievements on an IRONMAN ACCOUNT with the tag "PS4" at the beginning of their username will have a chance to win! Your account must contain the tag "PS4" at the beginning of your name. IE - "PS4 Wlods" or "PS4 Lewis". Players are allowed to donate on these ironmen accounts for an advantage, but they can not transfer any items between their main accounts and their PS4 Ironmen (hence the need for the account to be Ironman). In the event that a player is caught abusing an in-game bug to achieve an advantage over other players, that player will be disqualified from this competition. Achievements will be judged on a point base system. Easy Task - 1 point Medium Task - 2 Points Hard Task - 3 Points Elite Task - 5 Points 3. "Most Helpful non Staff" We will be running a poll on our Discord during the last week of the month. This poll will allow players to choose "the most helpful non staff" through their eyes. The player awarded as "The Most Helpful Non Staff" will not only have a chance at winning the PS4, but also be offered a spot as a trial Helper on our staff team! 4. Top 3 Discord Invites The top 3 players who reach the most discord invites throughout the month of April will have a chance at winning the PS4. Please note, advertising in another servers discord is strictly prohibited. If a player is caught advertising in another servers discord they will be unable to compete in any part of this giveaway. All of their current drawings will be removed. Advertising to your friends in PM is fine, but advertising to strangers in a PM from another servers discord is not allowed. While we encourage you to invite players, we know the effect advertising in other servers discords can have. Please refrain from doing such. 5. The top donator for the month. The player who achieves the highest total amount donated throughout the month of April. 6. Donate $150+ throughout the month Any player who donates $150+ throughout the month will have a chance of winning the PS4. This does NOT stack, IE: If you donate $300, you will still only get 1 drawing. If you donate $150 on two different accounts, you will still only get 1 drawing.
  2. Accepted as a trial Helper. Thank you for your application (in-game time prior to Jan 5th taken into consideration).
  3. Please get more in-game play time and then apply again.
  4. The Rex Pet Divination has a new best in slot LIMITED TIME pet! This pet is only available to the first five players who purchase it, after that it will be discontinued from our store FOREVER! The Rex pet can only be obtained through donation, it can not be purchased in-game for credits. Rex Pet Stats: 10k damage per second (tic) 80% drop rate boost 30% double drop rate boost Soulsplit 2.5x damage multiplier to player damage The Rex pet in-game footage Raids Fixes Raids bosses prior to this update did not drop items outside of the physical raid zones. We have fixed this error and raids NPC's will now properly drop items in instanced zones such as the Sponsor and Divine Zones, and the Instance Portal areas. The Diablo Raid Boss can now be properly attacked, and his loot tables have been fixed to give the proper items when killed. World Boss We have implemented our World Boss System! World Bosses will now spawn every 2 hours in game, accessible through a randomly generated portal on the world map. These NPC's can be attacked with either the top 3 "Boss Tier" weapons, any of the "Raid Tier" weapons, and any of the "Forge Tier" weapons. The weapon that you must attack with is chosen at random when the World Boss Spawns. There are two tiers of World Boss, regular, and mega. Mega world bosses spawn every 12 hours in game, and grant slightly more loot when killed. World Boss NPC being attacked with a Diabolic Bow The World Bosses grant loot to the top 7 players in damage dealt. World Boxes and World Keys are "dropped" in stacks of 1-3 depending on the amount of damage done in regular World Bosses, and in stacks of 1-4 depending on the amount of damage done to Mega World Bosses. These chests grant loot anywhere from boxes, to Forge Boss fragments, to the Perilous Armor Set, which is our current best in slot magic set! The Perilous armor set in game preview and stats Box Loot Changes Divine Box loot table has been changed, it is now as follows: The new loots from Divine Mystery Boxes Pet Box loot table is now as follows: The new loots from Pet Boxes Goodiebags All goodiebags (outside of the Regular Goodiebag) now have a 1/10 change to give their item (IE: Arrow of Oz). Goodiebags now all have the proper inventory model, and all of them stack properly now. In-game preview of Goodiebags Kill Count Requirement Changes Kill count requirements before and after Runelite Health and Prayer Bars We have implemented fully working Runelite Health and prayer bars! In-game preview of the Runelite Bars MiniMe Banking This has been something that we've been promising for a LONG time, and I'm happy to announce that we've finally got the MiniMe banking fully working! The MiniMe itself can be purchased from the donator store for $225, or obtained for FREE in-game from Divine Mystery and $75 Mystery Boxes! Players can obtain these boxes from combining Divine Fragments which are obtained by killing any NPC throughout the game. The MiniMe's will NOT pick up 1b tickets, but will automatically loot every other item to the players bank! In order for your MiniMe to bank items, you must equip it with a "MiniMe Banking Ring", or a "MiniMe Perfect Ring". The banking ring can be purchased in our store for $200, and allows 100% afkability. The perfect ring can be purchased in our store for $1000, and will make your MiniMe hit for 1M damage every time it attacks, as well as bank all loots! A MiniMe banking loots to the players bank Three New Quests Love for Lumber: There is a new Royal Family in Divination, and just like all Royal families, they are in need of a castle! Help the Royal Lumberjack, who can be located near the woodcutting area at ::home, collect 500 Magic Logs for the construction of the new Royal Castle! You must have 99 Woodcutting to begin this quest! Return to the Royal Lumberjack with 500 Noted Magic Logs to receive the following rewards: 250k Loyalty EXP The Lumberjack Outfit 1 Quest Points 1 NPC Killcount Ticket The Lumberjack Outfit is a cosmetic outfit that can only be obtained by completing this quest. The Lumberjack Set and the Royal Lumberjack NPC Fishing Frenzy: The Royal Chef is preparing a banquet for the release of the Casino. He has asked an Elite Fisherman to gather some ingredients that he needs for the feast. The fisherman, though a fully capable man, is running short on time and has a LOT of ingredients to gather! Find him on the docks at ::home and offer him a helping hand! The Elite Fisherman fishing off the docks at ::home You must have 99 Fishing to begin this quest! Help him gather the following raw ingredients, and then return to him for your reward! After you've acquired all of the ingredients, return to the Elite Fisherman to receive the following: 500k Loyalty EXP The Fisherman Outfit 1 Quest Point 2 NPC Kill Count Tickets The Fisherman Outfit is a cosmetic outfit that can only be obtained by completing this quest. The Fisherman Outfit Chef's Request: You must have completed Fishing Frenzy to begin this quest. The Royal Chef is preparing a banquet for the grand opening of the Casino! The Elite Fisherman has delivered the ingredients you collected for him to the Royal Chef, but he is crunched for time to get everything cooked and prepared! Help him cook the ingredients you gathered prior, and he'll reward you! The Royal Chef can be found in the kitchen below the casino. You must have at least 99 cooking, and have completed Fishing Frenzy to begin this quest. The Royal Chef will give you back the ingredients the Elite Fisherman sent to him, he informs you he is crunched for time, and having you cook them would save him a large amount of time! Cook the ingredients given to you, and return to him with: 100 noted Cooked Cod 100 noted Cooked Bass 250 noted Cooked Swordfish 250 noted Cooked Sharks If you burn any of the ingredients during the cooking process, you'll have to go get more! Return to the chef with the list of cooked ingredients for your reward: 500k Loyalty EXP The Chef's Outfit 1 Quest Point 2 NPC Kill Count Tickets The Chef's Outfit is a cosmetic outfit that can only be obtained by completing this quest. The Chef's Outfit Changes to Quest Rewards The Arcade Quest will now give 2 Kill Count Tickets The Bartenders Bribe Quest will now give 2 Kill Count Tickets The Beginners Luck Quest will now give 1 Kill Count Ticket Achievement System and Titles Achievement System: That's right ladies and gentlemen, the achievement system has finally been released! There Are currently four tiers of achievements, reaching from Easy, to Medium, to Hard, to Elite. Achievement's can be logged by clicking on your Character Information / Quest Tab. We will be adding new quests and ne achievements as we go, as you can see, we've given you a pretty extensive start, and will be building off of this as players progress and new bosses are added. A list of the many Achievements added in this update With the addition of Achievements, we are adding custom Titles to the game. Titles will be talked about to a large extent in the next topic, and will be rewarded to a player when they complete an achievement. Please note the feature for being rewarded is not currently in place yet. Below I will type a list of Achievements, if you send us a screenshot with the Achievement completed we will do our best to award you your title scrolls, we are working on getting this fully automatic, but it will not be complete for this update. Titles: Arcade Champion Armadylic Slayer Bandorian Slayer Baron of Blackbeard Earl of Electricity Father of Final Boss Lord of Lunarian Loyalist No Life PvM Master Ruler of Raids Saradomic Slayer Zamorakian Slayer Armadylic Knight Armadylic Punisher Bandorian Knight Bandorian Punisher Blackbeard's Captain Captain Five Star Threat God of Electricity God of The Sea God of The Moon Godlike Donator Lunarian King Lunarian Prince No Life King Raijin Raijin-Sama Saradomic Knight Saradomic Punisher The Battlehound Zamorakian Knight Zamorakian Punisher Again, to achieve these titles complete their achievement listed above. Titles will be given when completing an achievement, again, we are still working on the system for this, but we wanted to get this update out for you, as theres a LOT of content. The titles will be given in the form of non tradable scrolls, when clicking the scroll, it will change your title. A few of the Scrolls and Titles added with this update, depicting the changing of Title by clicking the Scroll. Battlegrounds The Battle Hound has arrived on Divination. Enter the Battlegrounds and find yourself in extensive multi and solo PvP combat! Be victorious in this minigame and earn yourself a Survivor Point! Be careful though, players and Battlehound NPC's will be trying to take your head off! How it works: Enter the Battleground with an empty inventory, no pet, and no armor. You will spawn with 3 keys, and a brief guide to the game will pop up. The Divination Battlegrounds Information Popup Kill a Player and earn 1 Battleground Point and a Key. Kill your Target and earn 2 Battleground points and a Key. Kill a Battlehound NPC and have a 10% chance of receiving a Key. Be the last player alive to earn a Survival Point. Completing the Battlegrounds is also linked to many of our achievements. You can even earn the custom title "The Battlehound" by earning enough Survival Points to purchase the entire Battlehound Set from the Shop! A video on The Battlegrounds by Noobs Own Who will be the first to achieve this Prestigious Title and unlock the Battlehound Set? The Battlehound Set Upgradable BFG's There is now a white variant of BFG, the upgraded version of the regular BFG! Find yourself a BFG mainhand or offhand and head to the Upgrade Chest at home, where you'll have a 1 in 4 chance of upgrading your weapons to a higher powered version! The BFG Upgrade option in the Upgrade Chest The White BFG Mainhand and Offhand Equip Luck Bonus Changes We are testing a new form of the Luck System with arcade boxes. This luck system works based on an actual percentage boost. Players opening arcade boxes will notice that they gather a lot more items with high luck armor than without. This process may be added to all other boxes, after some tweaking with rarities. With 5% Luck Bonus With 100% Luck Bonus Pet Updates We have put a lot of time and effort into Pets this update! Bringing you cosmetic pets for EVERY NPC currently in game, as well as new pets for the Pet Box! Some of the new pets part 1 Here is a list of all of the new pets added this update! Acidic Predator Pet American Pernix Pet American Torva Pet America Virtus Pet Armadylic Pet Bandorian Pet Baphomet Pet (Executive) Blackbeard Pet Blood Predator Pet Cadmus Pet Chucky Pet Cosmetic King Pet Cosmetic Queen Pet Destroyer Of Worlds Pet Diablo Pet Divine Donator Pet Dragon Hunter Pet Droprate Pet Fallen Eclipse Pet Galactic Invader Pet Goku Pet Guardian Pet Guardian of Am'Orth Pet Infernal Emperor Pet Jade Archer Pet Khione Pet Loyal Dwarf Pet Lucario Pet Lunarian Pet Malevolent Pet Mew Two Pet Mr. Krabs Pet Nex Pet OG Homer Pet Olaf Pet Perry The Platypus's Helicopter Polyphorian Pet Raiden Pet Raijin Pet Rogue Pet Saradomic Pet Shade Pet Siren Pet Skeleton of 2019 Pet Space Predator Pet Storm Breaker Pet Squirtle Pet Valkyrie Pet Voldemort Pet Vulgarian Pet Yoshi Helicopter Pet Some of the new pets part 2 We have also fixed a major issue where a player could drop another pet while already having a pet summoned, essentially nulling both pets. Some of the new pets part 3 Players can now properly despawn their pet using the summoning icon by the minimap. Some of the new pets part 4 Pets should no longer appear to be constantly despawning. We are testing a fix for this with this update. Inventory models for new Pet Box Pets Emoji's We have added text emoji's to the game. You can type an emoji simply by making a face in game, such a 😛 ":P" or 🙂 ":)". Some of the Emoji's added to the game. Coin Exchange and New Currency We have added 1Q coins to Divination that can be obtained by trading in your 1B Coins with an NPC at home. Simply talk to the NPC with cash in your invent and tell the NPC how much you'd like to convert! Options are: 1Q 10Q 25Q 100Q The new NPC at home for Coin Exchange Gambling Currency Exchange The Gambling Currency Exchange NPC at the Casino now uses the same dialogue system as the Coin Exchange at home! Players can buy Gambling Tokens again for use in the Casino! Minor Bug Fixes Diablo can now be attacked NPC name definition changes Speed on captains pistol Cosmetic pet dialogue now proper dialogue Peter & Lois Griffin masks no longer have hair glitching through faces Dice Bag removed from general store Discord daily rewards have been fixed Discord channel logs have been fixed Discord Verification is fully working The referral system is now fully working ::referral
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