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  1. Why would you become a Trusted Dicer? You will be allowed to middleman your own pots without limitations. You will build more respect within the Divination community. You get to participate in events for the Trusted Dicer team. You can ask for tips. Players should never feel pressured to tip. Application Rules You must be a well-known player in the Divination community. You must hold knowledge about all different gambling modes: Flower poker, dice duel and black jack. Discord/Forum activity is a must! How do I apply? Username: In-game time: Timezone: Payouts (screenshots): Why should we promote you to Trusted Dicer? How would you handle a conflict between two players?
  2. Amfisca

    CC ranks

    CC ranks allow players to hold pots while playing flower poker. Depending on your cc rank, you will be able to hold pots up to a certain maximum amount. Note: Players are allowed to self-hold, meaning the pot held by two Captains is maximum 10Q. - Recruit - Corporal - Sergeant - Lieutenant - Captain - 5Q - General - Trusted Dicers/Staff are allowed to hold any pot
  3. Step-by-step guide to playing flower poker You find a person to gamble against. Both players agree on the pot in items/cash. If the pot is below the maximum allowed for your rank: You can middleman your own gamble. Updated maximum amounts for each rank can be found by reading ::rules. If the pot is above the maximum allowed for your rank: Find a Trusted Dicer to middleman the gamble. If there is no Trusted Dicer available, you can ask a staff member to middleman. If they don't respond, you lower the gamble according to your rank in cc. There are in total 9 sets of flowers in flower poker. You must plant until you have five non-black-white flowers planted in a horizontal row, which will be your result. Black and/or white flower is a replant for that flower. Winning plants > Losing plants: Winner receives the pot. = 5p - 5 pairs of 1 color (beats all) = 4p - 4 pairs of 1 color (beats Full House) = Fh - Full house 3 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color (beats 2 pair + beats Oak) = 3p/Oak - 3 of 1 color/3 of a kind (beats 2 pair) = 2p - 2 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color (beats 1 pair) = 1p - 1 pair of 1 color (beats bust) = Bust - No pairs (you lose unless other player busts and you must replant) + = Bwrp - Black or White flowers (replant flowers)
  4. Welcome! This rulebook contains the official rules for gambling at the ::casino. Players must accept the rules when entering ::casino. These rules must be followed without exception. When playing flower poker: Pots must be specified before gambling. Always confirm flower poker pots in trade. You must plant flowers in a straight horizontal line. You must plant until you have five non-black-white flowers planted, which will be your result. Black and/or white flower is a replant for that flower. Deviation from these rules will result in a loss for the perpetrator. When not playing flower poker: You are not allowed to stand on another's flower when they are playing flower poker. You are not allowed to plant flowers in the path of another ongoing flower poker game. All infractions will result in a warning, multiple offences will have you removed from the Casino or the game. You are not allowed to plant/gamble for others. You are not allowed to spam players to gamble after being asked to refrain from asking. This will result in a temporary/permanent mute or a removal from the Casino. You are not allowed to place bets over the middleman's dice clanchat rank. Trusted Dicers will help players gamble at the Casino. When issues arise, their word is final. Any and all infractions will be dealt with by staff members. You can find the rules by typing ::rules in-game.
  5. Amfisca


    Sure, act like you don't know me. Hurts my feelings, bro.
  6. Amfisca


    First! Hi all, I've played several RSPS's before and I've tried this server for a few days now. Hope to see you all in-game / Discord! Cheers, Amfisca
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