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  1. welcome to divination! This guide will be on all the in's an out of starting off in the lovely world of divination! The basics first things first when starting off in divination, you will be asked which mode you would like to play in. There are three main modes to choose from so lets go over the basics of each to fit you preferred play style! mode #1 regular player. in the basic regular player mode you will receive boosted xp rates. some basic starter gear and no added droprate. this mode if more suited to players new to rsps communities and looking for casual play. mode #2 hardcore player. as a hardcore player you will have lowered xp rates compared to normal player and you will again receive some basic starter gear. although your xp rates are lowered you receive a bonus boost of a static droprate of 15% dr an no ddr. hardcore players do have the ability to trade and will have access to ;;removehardcore if they ever desire to no longer be a hardcore player (side not removing hc status cannot be undone so think wisely about it.) The hardcore mode is more suited to your average rsps player and does require some commitment to the server. mode #3 ironman player. The last type of player is the ironman player! this game mode is not for the faint of heart. iron man players will receive basic starting gear, along with have slower xp rates an no ability to trade other players but iron man player receive a additional boost of 25% drop rate right off the bat! this mode is meant for veteran rsps players and is defiantly a challenge to overcome. The next steps! After deciding which mode you would like to play in, your next step is to get some gear. As a new player i would strongly suggest doing ;;train to get some basic gears. while in train you will be looking for 3 key main drops to further success an progression on your account. The drops you will be looking for are legendary boxes, bones, and aura booster boxes. the reason why you are going to want to get these 3 main drops are due to there loot pools an over all effectiveness to your success. the box zone boss bones not only are the best prayer xp in the game, but if you collect 100 of them you can turn them in for a quest that rewards you with a fortune favor 3 aura. This aura is very op at the starting stages of the game as it gives decent luck bonus % of 15%! luck bonus effects loots tables of all boxes in divination an upgrading chances! making your life easier when it comes to the legendary mystery boxes. from the legendary mystery boxes you will be looking for 3 key items. A extreme donator ticket, a collector/blood amulet, and lastly a row (i) or ring of fortune. all three of these items not only give you droprate but make progressing to the next stages of the game easier. Remember you can ::vote for a collectors necklace which required 2 vote point! After voting use ::reward 6 to claim! After receiving at least your extreme donor ticket and a collector i would move on to grinding new gears. as of yet you have more than likely received some pretty mediocre gears from your legendary boxes but thats okay! for this step i would recommend teleing home an grabbing a stewurt's bow of life from Stuarts cradle. After grabbing a bow of life i would head on into extreme zone! this zone is a completely aoe zone which will be your best kill count per hour, it will also provide you with some decent gears to continue your journey. To get to extreme zone your going to open your teleport interface, click zones, then click E. zone, than "teleport to zone" insides the extreme donor zone, your going to want to kill the npcs there till you get the kill count requirements to tele to raids/ forges. as these gears are your intermediate to end game gears. after kiling these zones you will be pretty set up to start off anywhere you feel like in divination! please enjoy the guide and if you ever find your self stuck, pm any staff member you see online we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or help you figure out what your next moves for progression for be in game! ❤️ -much love from the divination staff team an please enjoy your stay with us.
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