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  1. Username: yaboimattie Age: 14 Time played ( full client screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a8de9cfae01e1baab91e50a2b07bbef7 BUT ive been playing since it came out , if u ask mike Timezone: EST When did you first join Divination? about when it came out Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? yes in a big community of rsps's Have you ever received punishment in Divination? no , i havent and are hoping not to If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? no Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): well , thats up to you to think , but to me its that i love chatting and helping with other players in the game , and im basiclly online 24/7 , if not , im on when i can be on. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? yea i consider myself knowing a pretty good amount of knowledge on the game considering how long ive played Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum): my name , matthew , ive been playing rsps's for about 3-4 years now , and ive been playing divination about 2 years now , and in total its been my all time FAVOURITE server even if not many play it , and myself i wanna try to bring more players to join , i consider rsps's basiclly the only thing i play nowadays , and right now at this moment , divination is the only thing i play. and im hoping you take the time to read this and maybe make me staff / support , thanks 😄 ~ Mattie
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