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  1. Welcome to divination! This guide is there to get you from the starting point to the Mid-Game in the lovely world of divination! The Game Mode First things first when starting off in divination, you will be asked which mode you would like to play in. There are three main modes to choose from so lets go over the basics of each to fit you preferred play style! When starting off in Divination, you will need to choose a Game Mode, there are 3 Differents Modes to choose from, here they are: Normal Mode Basically, this mode give the normal XP rates and no drop rate bonus, it's more for the casual players. Hardcore Mode This mode will give you a lowered XP rates compared to the Normal Mode, but you will have a static Drop rate bonus of 15%. The Hardcore Mode is for the average players. P.S.: If you no longer want the bonuses and disadvantages of the hardcore mode, you can do the command "::removehardcore" and your account will turn into a Normal Mode's account, but this cannot be undone, so be aware Iron Man Mode The Iron Man Mode don't have the ability to trade and its the Mode with the slowest XP rates, but it give you a static Drop rate bonus of 25%. If you like challenges, this Mode is made for you! The Essentials Now that your account is completely created your account, you will need to get some essentials starting items, like a Collector's Necklace and ,a good weapon, the Stewart's Bow of Life. First, the Collector's Necklace, use the command "::referral noobsown" to get one necklace. P.S.: Some of the Website for the votes are broken, so it's normal if you are not able to vote on every websites. To make the Collector's necklace work, you need to go in the Gear Tab, Right Click on the Collector's Necklace and select Operate, I recommend to Select Every Drops. And now, for the bow, you need to go at home and click on the Stuart's Cradle. Let's Start Grinding! It's time to get your first gear, you will need the Drop rate set and a Ring of Wealth (i), you can get all that from the Drop Rate Boss. When it's done, go to the Box kings zone (::train), there you will need to get your Ranged and Defence stats up to Lvl 99. From this boss, the potentiels drops are : - Box Kings bones (The best bones ingame to get your Prayer to 99) - Around 200B per kills (That cash is gonna be really usefull) - Normal Mystery box (Not really usefull) - Pet Mystery box (Get your First Pet with it) - Super Mystery Box (Get a Super / Extreme Donator Tickets) - Ultra Mystery Box (Get a Super / Extreme Donator Tickets) - Legendary Mystery Box (Get a Super / Extreme Donator Tickets and a Ring of Fortune) - Aura Booster Box (It gives Auras, but this box is a Really Rare Drop) While you grind, if you get another Ring of Wealth (i), from the boxes, you can try to upgrade them for a Ring of Fortune at the Upgrade Chest. You can get to the Upgrade Chest by going East from the ::home, near of the Thieving zone. So you will need to grind there till you get a Super / Extreme Donator Ticket or 100T Cash. When you get 100T Cash go to the market (::market) and buy a Fallen Eclipse Staff from the POS (Player Owned Shops), then go back to the grind. When you get a Super / Extreme Donator Ticket, it will give you the possibility to do ::bank. P.S.: Right Click on it and select Claim to get the rank. You will now go to the Groudon boss(Teleport Tab > Bosses > Groudon), you will need to get: - Trix Full Set (it will give some Defences stats and a better Drop rate bonus) - Gandalf's Staff (Only if you don't already have the Fallen Eclipse Staff) - Groudon Pet (Its a really good pet) - Trix (i) amulet (It's not necessary) When you have all that, If you didn't got an Extreme Donator ticket earlier, now you will need one, so go back to the Box kings zone (::train), and try to get one or if you get 400-500T cash u can buy one from the POS (Player Owned Shops). Now that you are an Extreme Donator, you have access to the really nice Extreme Zone (Teleport Tab > Zones > E. Donor Zone). So with this zone, you have the choice of your combat style for your gear: Mage - Fallen Eclipse Range - Shade Melee - Infernal Emperor When your choice is made, grind the full set of that gear. P.S.: Usually the players take the Range or the Mage way. 😉 You got the full set ??? Congratulation ! Now you have to go to the next Tier of gear, this is the nexts tiers: Mage - Polyphorian Range - Dragon Hunter Melee - Destroyer of World P.S.: You need atleast a 750 killcounts (::npckills) to get access to theses bosses (Teleport tab > Bosses > "The name of the boss"). Again, when you have the full set, go to the next Tier: Mage - Vulgarian Range - Jade Archer Melee - Storm Breaker P.S.: Thoses set doesnt have a Cape and an offhand so keep the one of the previous Tier. You got it ? Congratulation, you have now a mid-level gear ! I hope this guide was usefull for you, if you still have more questions about the game, you can pm me in-game (Ign: Hc Broddy) or on Discord (SharkMenard#8940) or you can pm a Staff Member. And tell me if you guys would love a Part 2 to help you get you from a Mid-level player to an Endgame player and I wish you Good luck with your progression on the server.
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