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  1. Who is the Owner of Divination? Wrath Who is the co owner of Divination? Megatron who is the Development company for Divination? TMMS Development Where can i go to upgrade my jewelry? Divine Jeweler Where can i purchase the Mysterio Set? Achievement Rewards Shop Where can i purchase red recolor dye? Warzone Rewards Shop Where can i purchase the divine recolor dye? Divine shard shop Where can i purchase a combat assisting pet? Arena Rewards Shop What is the most expensive Vote Reward? Gold Recolor Dye What boss appears first in the Boss Arena? Melevolent How many waves are in the Boss Arena? 50 How many players can join the Boss Arena together? 2 Who is the first tier Magic Raids Boss? Voldemort Who is the first tier Melee Raids Boss? Deiznowts Who is the first tier Ranged Raids Boss? Shannara How many raids are there in Divination? 15 How many letters in the word Divination? 10 What is the lowest donor tier that can ::yell? Super Donator What is the highest donation tier? Divine Donator Where can I post a mute/ban appeal? Forums What is our website URL? Divination-rsps.com What is the max level in a skill? 120 At what Loyalty level do players unlock ::lz? 99 How many Combat Prestige Levels are there? 10 Where do you go to Prestige? Prestige Master
  2. Ranks Donator - 1.0 Super - 2.0 Extreme - 3.0 Sponsor - 5.0 Executive - 7.0 Divine - 10.0 Prestige Level 0 = 0.0 1 = 5.0 2 = 6.0 3 = 7.0 4 = 8.0 5 = 9.0 6 = 10.0 7 = 11.0 8 = 12.0 9 = 13.0 10 = 15.0 Gamemodes Iron Man - 3.0 Elite - drop rate boosters are divided by 2 Amulets Fabled Necklace - 1.0 Divine Necklace - 2.0 Amulet of Divination - 2.0 (increased stats) Event Chain (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange) - 3.0 Event Chain (Rainbow) 8.0 Send Nudes Icon 5.0 Send Nudes Icon (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Divine) - 6.0 Amulet of Oz - 10.0 Rings Ring of Wealth - 1.0 Ring of Wealth (i) - 2.0 Ring of Fortune - 3.0 Fabled Ring - 4.0 Divine Ring - 5.0 Ring of Divination - 6.0 Ring of Oz - 10.0 Auras Fortune 1 - 1.0 Fortune 2 - 2.0 Fortune 3 - 3.0 Jack of All Trades - 3.0 Arrows / Scrolls Perilous Arrow - 5.0 Arrow of Oz - 10.0 Shards DR Shard - 10.0 Helpout's Shard - 10.0 Other / Misc. Drop Rate Potion - 0.5 Well of Goodwill - 0.5 (5.0% Double Drop Rate) Donor Prayers - 0.5
  3. general commands ::forums - opens forums ::discord - opens the divination discord ::vote - vote for rewards ::donate - opens donation store ::wiki - open divination wiki. info on gear, pets, and more ::donated - Claim you donation ::voted - ::reward id all - claim your vote ::home - Teleports you home ::train - Opens boss teleport interface ::raid - Teleports you to the Raid hub ::forge - Opens forge boss teleprt interface ::zone - Opens the zones teleport interface ::lz - teleports you to the loyalty zone (99 loyalty required) ::deals - opens the donation deals interface ::collect - to collect items from upgrading, lottery ::grandlottery - opens grand lottery interface to win prizes ::type - to answer the type challenge ::trivia or ::answer - answer trivia questions ::divinestate - to check time left on divine potions ::empty - WILL EMPTY YOUR INVENTORY, CLICK YES OR NO TO CONFIRM ::npckills - Shows you total npc kills and specific npc kills ::toggleyell - toggles yell off or on ::xplock - toggle experiance gain off or on ::withdraw - withdraws gp from money pouch ::mini - Open mini me dialog to summon, dismiss, show minime details ::elo - opens Elo interface. 100 kills daily to raise 1% or 0.01 stat multiplier ::lottery - opens lottery ::drops - opens interface to find certain npc drops ::yell - send message to server in chat box ::setyelltag (tag here) - change yell tag (13 character limit) ::yellinfo - shows your yell color, shade and tag ::setyellshade - yell shade ::setyellcolor - yell color ::resettag - resets yell color shade tag ::Bank - for super donator+ ::szone - teleports you to sponsor zone ::ezone - teleports you to executive zone ::dzone - teleports you to divine zone ::dab - divine donor can Dab animation Helper ::inv-name - shows player inventory ::showbank-name - shows players bank ::xteleto name - teleport to player ::xteletome name - teleport player to you ::staffzone - teleports Helper+ to the Staff zone ::kick-playername-reason - kicks a player account offline ::mute-name-reason ::jail-name-reason - jails player, they will have the option to serve their time or thieve 1000 key dust to combine into a key to get out of jail. player will lose EVERYTHING in their invent if they leave jail. Mods ::unmute name ::unjail name ::ipmute-name-reason ::ipban-name-reason ::checkmulti-name - checks players ip for accounts logged in Admin ::challenge-reward_id-difficult (Difficult stands for characters in challenge) ::resetchallange ::managegl - edit grand lottery ::addcoll-id-amount-playername ::unipmute name ::unipban name ::ban-name-reason
  4. First you wanna talk to the Master Thief at Home next to the slayer master. he will tell you what you can thieve and at what level.
  5. Please use the format below to submit a staff application. Username: Age: Time played ( full client screenshot): Timezone: When did you first join Divination? Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? Have you ever received punishment in Divination? If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? Why should we choose you over other applicants(150 words minimum): Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? Tell us about yourself (150 words minimum):
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