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  1. Youtube video event! Rules are as follows: Minimum time of video: 5 minutes Topics that can be covered: Loot from (x amount of kills) - Bank showcase - Guide on PVMing, Setups, Quests etc. Winners will be picked on June 15th! Once it is uploaded send me the link and I will have it posted in divination media! Good luck everyone ❤️ Top 3 Winner Prizes are as follows: 1st: Baby Yoda Pet 2nd: Executive Totem 3rd: 5 Divine Boxes
  2. I will be hosting a Massive Elite Raid Challenge! Winners will be rewarded as follows: -First to obtain 1 Trinity Teleport Crystal= $50 in store credit (WON BY GAINS) -First to obtain all 3 Trinity Teleport Crystals= $100 in store credit (WON BY Z0WNR) -First to obtain 1 of any Forgotten Trinity Pieces= $250 in store credit (WON BY NKS) -First to obtain all 4 Forgotten Trinity Weapons= $350 in store credit -First to obtain all 5 Armour pieces= $500 in store credit You can obtain the teleport crystals by engaging in the normal raids as they are added to their drop table! You will need all the crystal to obtain all 9 armour/weapon pieces for the set Raids boxes will also be dropped uncommingly from the Elite Raid and will have a 2 percent chance at receiving a Forgotten Trinity item. Other rewards include Tier 2 Raid weapons, 1-3 Trinity Fragments, 5-15 Raid SET CRATES. Boxes will be available on the ::store
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