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  1. The Boss Arena / Duo Arena are the same thing only one is solo and the other is duo. In solo, the player must fight through waves of the servers boss npc's starting from the bottom of the list and working it's way up to and past end-game bosses. The rewards for this minigame are pretty good. First up we have the Deadpool armor set (weapons included) followed by auragenic box 1, auragenic key 1 and also the tier 2 variants. after the boxes, we have the loot goblin which can be dropped so that the server can kill it and receive loot boxes. then we have the slimmer pet, and a recolor dye for high tier items. The final items for purchase are stimulant boxes, these give items that are used for food for the arena (only usable in boss arena). Let see the ways to teleport to the minigame. Directly south of my character is the "vault" this is used to enter the solo version of the boss arena. west of my character are two npc's the one furthest is the arena manager, this npc is used to either teleport u into the duo arena, or open the shop. (please note that in order to enter the duo arena, you must either create you own clan chat and have your friend join, or join your friends clan chat) Once inside the arena you will begin a "fight caves" style of minigame. the goal is to work your way to the very end and defeated all the npc's to earn a reward. The reward for the minigame itself are boss souls, complete the arena and you get a box containing additional souls. the souls are then used in the before mentioned shop. The recommended base gear set up is a full set of jade (Range), Vulgarian (Mage), or Stormbreaker (Melee). Soulsplit is a must to make it to the end of the arena. It is also recommended to have a collectors necklace (obtained via voting) as all npc's in the arena have their respective drops. The arena is also a great way to get your kill count up for the many raids and forge bosses that are in the game as well. 1k npckills for raids, 2500 npckills for forges. Along the way you will gain boss souls to purchase very good ranged gear to help speed up you boss kills throughout the server 🙂 below are screenshots depicting some waves of the solo arena. (which is the same as duo arena) along with the stats of the full Deadpool set This concludes my first ever guide. I hope you find it useful. _~MAXINE~_
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