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  1. Username: Cybora Age:20 Time played ( full client screenshot): 2:5:16 Screenshot provided Timezone:EST When did you first join Divination? I first joined divination when infinity merged to become one Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member in a community? I used to own a server back in the day, between owning a server and moderating a few others i have Alot of experience in servers Have you ever received punishment in Divination? I have not If you have regarding the question above, please explain why? N/A Why should we choose you over other applicants? with being a fulltime father/soldier at night i want nothing more then to sit down all night and play, help, and grind. im a friendly person to everyone i meet and i offer my help to anyone and everyone i can even if i dont know them. Do you have the game knowledge that is necessary for a staff member? The current in game yes i know a lot about it Tell us about yourself: Hello, My name is Tyler! i have been gaming my whole entire life, between console and pc. I am a full time father as well as in the US army. I have traveled the world playing professional call of duty from the age of 9-17. i am married with a beautiful 2 month old daughter, i graduated from a vocation school with a degree in graphical arts so graphics are a big part in my life. i love people and creativity.
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