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  1. i have a lot of gfx sharp edges to do on armor set plz ignore this thread till then
  2. Key Bank-DR (Double Rate) DDR(Double Drop Rate) Normal Mode-0% DR 0% DDR Hardcore Mode- 20% DR 0% DDR Iron Man Mode-25% DR 0% DDR Tier 1 DR/DDR Sets  Drop Rate 10% Dr (2% Per Piece) Drop rate DR helm DR body DR legs DR gloves DR boots Malevolent Guard (0% DR/ 0% DDR) Malevolent helm Malevolent body Malevolent legs Malevolent boots Malevolent gloves Goku 0% DR/DDR Goku’s Doppelganger mask Goku’s shirt Goku’s legs Tier 2 DR/DDR Sets American Pernix/Virtus/Torva (All give 0% DR/DDR) Tier 3 DR/DDR Sets Groudon 4% DR Per Piece 20% For Full Set,8% Bonus DR For Full Set 0% DDR Trix helm Trix plate body Trix platelets Trix boots Trix gloves Trix cape The Necromancer 4% DR Per Piece 20% For Full Set,8% Bonus DR For Full Set 0% DDR Necromancer hat Necromancer top Necromancer legs Necromancer boots Necromancer gloves Olaf 4% DR Per Piece 20% For Full Set,8% Bonus DR For Full Set 0% DDR Olaf’s helm Olaf’s platebody Olaf’s platelets Olaf’s boots Olaf’s gloves Olaf’s cape Siren 4% DR Per Piece 20% For Full Set NO DDR% Siren helm Siren body Siren legs Siren gloves Siren boots Tier 4 DR/DDR Sets Guardian of Am’orth 5% DR Per Piece 25% DR SET,6% Extra For Set Bonus Am’orth helm Am’orth platebody Am’orth platelets Am’orth boots Am’orth gloves Am’orth cape Galactic Invader 5% DR Per Piece 25% DR SET,5% Extra For Set Bonus Galactic helm Galactic body Galactic legs Galactic boots Galactic gloves Galactic cape Rogue 5% DR Per Piece 25% DR SET Rogue helm Rogue body Rogue legs Rogue cape Rogue boots Rogue gloves Tier 5 DR/DDR Sets Predator Predator helm Predator body Predator's legs Predator boots Predator gloves **All predator sets have the same drops and stats, just different colors** Tier 6 DR/DDR Sets Corporeal Beast Lucifer helm Lucifer body Lucifer legs Lucifer boots Lucifer gloves Cadmus Cadmus helm Cadmus platebody Cadmus platelets Cadmus boots Cadmus gloves Khione Khione’s helm Khione’s body Khione’s legs Khione’s boots Khione’s gloves Khione’s wings Artemis Artemis’ helm Artemis’s body Artemis’ legs Artemis’ boots Artemis’ gloves Artemis’ cape Tier 7 DR/DDR Sets Infernal emperor Infernal helm Infernal body Infernal legs Infernal boots Infernal gloves Infernal cape Fallen Eclipse Eclipse helm Eclipse body Eclipse legs Eclipse boots Eclipse gloves Shade Shade’s coif Shade’s body Shade’s legs Shade’s boots Shade’s vambraces Shade’s cape Tier 8 DR/DDR Sets Destroyer of Worlds DOW’s helm DOW’s body DOW’s legs DOW’s boots DOW’s gloves Polyforian Polyphoric helm Polyphoric body Polyphoric legs Polyphoric boots Polyphoric gloves Dragon Hunter Dragon hunter’s helm Dragon hunter’s body Dragon hunter’s legs Dragon hunter’s boots Dragon hunter’s gloves Dragon hunter’s cape Tier 9 DR/DDR Sets Tier 10 DR/DDR Sets Tier 11 DR/DDR Sets Tier 12 DR/DDR Sets Tier 13 DR/DDR Sets Donation Items/Sets Sponsor Owner cape Executive Executive cape Blood Justiciar This set is acquired by donating a total of $200 during the month of September
  3. For those who don't know Divination has an auto screenshot system, what this does on announced drops the game will auto screenshot your drop for you so you can have a record of it! Or simply clicking on the bottom right "RED" tab "Screenshot" to capture a special divination moment! Now! Lets set up the screenshot system just in case it did not come with your download! Step 1. Find your Div cache file It can be found easily! Let's go to "This PC" Step 2. Lets select "Local Disk (C:) Step 3. A bunch of folders and other documents would appear but we're only here for 1 "Users" Step 4. After selecting users, few files would appear but select the one that's register to most of the time its your name Step 5. Find divination CACHE!!! Step 6. Right-click anywhere in the white box without highlighting anything to create new folder LASTLY just rename it screenshots and you're all set! thanks for reading along on wiki.how gg
  4. I haven't done slayer to much but the only issued I've had was with Raiden task not counting unless i went to arcade and kill him those last rounds
  5. Darks

    Aura Guide

    Auras And Their Effects You will be able to examine an aura to displays its effect! Auras can be obtained from Aura Booster Box from "Greater Box Zone" Under boss teleports. Augury 1 5% Range Boost Augury 2 10% Range Boost Augury 3 15% Range Boost Berserker 1 5% Melee Boost Berserker 2 10% Melee Boost Berserker 3 15% Melee Boost Fortunate Favour 1 5% Luck Bonus Fortunate Favour 2 10% Luck Bonus Fortunate Favour 3 15% Luck Bonus Fortune 1 5% Drop Rate Fortune 2 10% Drop Rate Fortune 3 15% Drop Rate Godsend 1 5% boosted rate from soul chest Godsend 2 10% boosted rate from soul chest Godsend 3 15% boosted rate from soul chest Holy Might 1 Restores prayer points Lucky Stars 1 5% Double Drop Rate Lucky Stars 2 10% Double Drop Rate Luck Stars 3 15% Double Drop Rate Magpie 1 10% boost of getting row I from birds and eagles nests Mystic 1 5% magic boost Mystic 2 10% magic boost Mystic 3 15% Magic Boost Regain 1 Restores Health (1/4 of SoulSplit effect) Platinum Skin 1 30% Defence Bonus Boost Steel Skin 1 20% defence bonus boost Thick Skin 1 10% defence bonus boos Third Eye 1 Double Exp Trinity 1 Hybrid ( 3% range, melee and magic boost) Trinity 2 Hybrid ( 5% range, melee and magic boost) Trinity 3 Hybrid ( 9% range, melee and magic boost)
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