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  1. Thank you for your application! We should be back with you shortly.
  2. Regarding Donation Refunds: Only receipts from the 2020 fiscal year are valid. In order to receive a refund for your prior donations you must email us at “DiviRefunds@gmail.com” with the following information. Email Topic: “Username refund request - date” Email information: In game username Screenshot of ingame username AFTER are-release (so that we don’t refund anyone using your username that isn’t you) Total Donated: SCREENSHOTS of ALL receipts. Only donations that can be accounted for will be refunded (except in rare cases). How refunds will be handled: Players who have a total of under $1000 donated will receive 1/3rd of their donations every week for 3 weeks (to stop the flow of items within the first day of the server). Players with over $1000 may claim their Divine Donator rank on day 1, but may not claim items such as Glaive’s until they’ve been refunded $1000+ total from their 3 1/3rd refund splits.
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