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#NoShaveQuarantine EVENT

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Hello, Divination Players.
I am happy to announce that we are hosting a special event which is called No Shave Quarantine Event.


For most of us, we are under Quarantine because of this COVID-19 ( Coronavirus), We will be doing an event

regarding this quarantine.In this quarantine period, you are not allowed to shave your beard

 if you are going to participate in this event.

You are not allowed to shave until the national quarantine is over which is currently at a month + pending. 

In order to be in the event, you will have to post a picture on the forums of your beard.



Everyone that posts the picture under this topic will be able to win a FREE Divination Glaive.

Which is a 1 hit item with a 50% drop rate boost, This weapon is a magic damage weapon and 100% Area of Effect weapon.

This currently costs 1000$ in the store.



                                                              Yours Truly,
                                                              The Event Manager.

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Guest 2 Hot For U

What about the players that can't grow beards this eliminates them from the event witch imo isn't fair in any way.

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Quarantine isnt over everywhere yet. For me its still up and running. I just dont know when Mike gonna pull the winner. Probably gonna wait for majority to finish.

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