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Hello and welcome to my guide on killing the world bosses of divination! This guide is here to show you everything required to kill the world bosses.

Having extreme donator+ is very benefical as it allows you to perform ::Wb ingame which will teleport you directly to the world boss or mega world boss portal! If you arent extreme donator, you will have to run to the location which will be announced when the world boss spawns.

Both world bosses drop either a World box or World key.

It requires 1 box and 1 key to open a world box.

The rewards from the world boxes will be at the bottom of the guide!



The regular world boss is on a 2 hour spawn rotation, meaning it spawns every 2 hours regardless of when it is killed.

The boss has 2M hitpoints and your max  hit against the boss is 25k so it reccomended to kill as a group.

There is a specifc weapon that you will need to kill each world boss which will be announed in the chat when the world boss spawns!

These weapons could be:

The Stormbreaker Maul - Dropped by Storm breaker

Vulgarian Staff - Dropped by Vulgarian

Jade Bow - Dropped by Jade archer

Elder Wand - Dropped by Voldermort

Diabolic Bow - Dropped by Diablo

Electronic Kanata - Dropped by Zinitra

Guardian's Katana - Dropped by Guardian

The 5 player who do the most damage to the world boss will recieve a drop according to where they place within the top 5.

The rewards are:

1st: 3 boxes or 3 keys

2nd: 2 boxes or 2 keys

3rd: 2 boxes or 2 keys

4th: 1 box or 1 key

5th: 1 box or 1 key




The mega world boss is on a 12 hour spawn rotation, meaning it spawns every 12 hours regardless of when it is killed.

THe mega world boss has 3M hitpoints and your max hit is also 25k so 100% reccomended as a group!

The weapons required for the mega world boss are high tier weapons so this boss is end game content!

The weapons are:

Bandorian kyzaj - Obtained by forging bandorian fragments - Dropped by Bandos

Zamorakian bow - Obtained by forging zamorakian fragments - Dropped by Zamorak

Zamorakian spear - Obtained by forging zamorakian fragments - Dropped by Zamorak

Armadylic bow - Obtained by forging armadylic fragments - Dropped by Armadyl

Saradomic staff - Obtained by forging Saradomic fragments - Dropped by Saradomin

Lunarian Staff - Obtained by forging Lunarian fragments - Droppe by Lunarian

Captain's pistol - Obtained by forging Captain's fragments - Dropped by Captain Blackbeard

Raijin's Scythe - Obtained by forging Raijin fragments - Dropped by Raijin


The rewards from being in the Top 5 damage dealers are:

1st: 4 boxes or 4 keys

2nd: 3 boxes or 3 keys

3rd: 3 boxes or 3 keys

4th: 2 boxes or 2 keys

5th: 1 boxes or 1 keys


The rewards from the World boxes are as follows:


Saradomic fragment

Armadylic fragment

Zamorakian Fragment

Bandorian Fragment

Trinity Fragment


Lunarian Fragment

Raijin Fragment

Captain's Fragment

1x 5$ Credits

Ultra Rare:

Perilous armour pieces and Weapons.


The Perilous armour is currently the Best In Slot magic gear!



I hope this guide as helped you understand world bosses and how they can be killed. If there is anything missing form this guide, dont hesitate to let me know so i can edit it!

Hope to see you all in game!

- Arrax



Edited by arrax
Finishing off guide

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