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shadow corey

Official Price Guide

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Divination Price Guide 

This guide will be updated on a weekly to monthly bases to ensure all prices are up to date 

if any items are missed please pm me or leave a reply and they will be added. 



 Armour pieces are 250k ea 

Vulgarian staff 400k 

Storm breaker 

Armour pieces 250k ea 

Storm break maul 400k 

Jade archer 

Amour pieces 250k ea 

Jade bow 400k 


All amour pieces 5q-8q 

Weapons 10q 

Loyal dwarf 

Armour pieces 10q-15q ea 

Weapon/shield 13q ea 


Armour pieces 1-2q 

Elder wand 3q 

Guardian -1q ea

Draconic  - 1q ea

Diabolic  - 1q ea

Raiden - 1q ea


Armour pieces 1q-2q ea

Weapons 2q-3q ea


Armour 15-20q

Bandorian kyzaj 30q  


Armour 15-20q

Zammy bow 30-40q

Zammy spear 25-30q


Armour 15-20q

Saradomic staff 30-40q

Saradomic shield 20-25q


Armour pieces 100-125q

Scythe 125q


Armour pieces 100q -125q

Pistol  125q


Armour pieces 100q-125q

Lunarian staff 125q 


(price to be decided as there is not many pieces in game.) 


Forge Boss Fragments 

 Trinity fragments 1q ea 

Zamorkian fragments 5q ea 

Saradomic fragments 5q ea 

Bandorian fragments 5q ea 

Raijin fragments 25q ea

Black beard fragments 25q ea 

Lunarian fragments 25q ea 


Donation items 

(donation items will have two prices set for them, prices are based off in name donation price 3-5q per 1$ and buying as a regular item off players) 

Send Nudes Aura-$75.  in game price - 80q to 100q 

Magical ring of oz-$150.  in game price 800q

Magical arrow of oz-$175. in game price - 1qt 

Amulet of oz-$175. in game price  - 1qt

$5 credits- price in game 20-30q ea 

Divination glaive-$1000. untradeable in game 

Baby yoda pet-$300. in game price - 2.5qt 

Executive rank-$300.

Mini me ability ticket-$350. in game price  2.5qt-3qt

Executive totem-$200 donation. in game price 2qt-2.5qt 

Sponsor rank-$125.

BFG9000's- $25 ea. in game 30-35q ea 

White BFG's - $50 ea. in game price 80-100q ea

Regular yoda pet-  in game price 25q-30q 

Heli pet- in game price 15q to 20q 

limited time pets-

T-rex pet


wounded warrior tank

Aussie pet




(in game prices) 

Heartless pet (limited time pet) 500-600q 

T-rex pet (limited time pet) 3qt+

Yoda pet 25q-30q 

Heli pet 15q to 20q 

Regular boss npc cosmetic pets (droprate-jade archer) 2q ea 

Forge bosses' cosmetic pet 10q ea 

Necromancer pet 5q 

Cupid pet 30-35q 



Legendary mystery boxes- 150t

Ultra mystery boxes -  50t

Pet mystery boxes- 50t

Super mystery boxes - 25t

Aura booster boxes 1q-2q ea




Divine Shards - 10-15q ea

World boxes  10 ea

World box keys  10q ea

All holiday boxes (valentine's day, Halloween, thanksgiving) - 3q ea 

Bouquet of flowers- 50q-75q 

Angelic set- 100q-175q 

Hween destructor- 150q-175q 

Hween bow- 150q-175q 

Flaming skull - 200q 


Loyalty fragments - 3q per 1k fragments 

Jack of all trade's aura - 350-400q 

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