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general commands
::forums - opens forums
::discord - opens the divination discord
::vote - vote for rewards
::donate - opens donation store
::wiki - open divination wiki. info on gear, pets, and more
::donated - Claim you donation
::voted - 
::reward id all - claim your vote
::home - Teleports you home
::train - Opens boss teleport interface
::raid - Teleports you to the Raid hub
::forge - Opens forge boss teleprt interface
::zone - Opens the zones teleport interface
::lz - teleports you to the loyalty zone (99 loyalty required)
::deals - opens the donation deals interface
::collect - to collect items from upgrading, lottery
::grandlottery - opens grand lottery interface to win prizes
::type - to answer the type challenge
::trivia or ::answer - answer trivia questions
::divinestate - to check time left on divine potions
::npckills - Shows you total npc kills and specific npc kills
::toggleyell - toggles yell off or on
::xplock - toggle experiance gain off or on
::withdraw - withdraws gp from money pouch
::mini - Open mini me dialog to summon, dismiss, show minime details
::elo - opens Elo interface. 100 kills daily to raise 1% or 0.01 stat multiplier
::lottery - opens lottery
::drops - opens interface to find certain npc drops
::yell - send message to server in chat box
::setyelltag (tag here) - change yell tag (13 character limit)
::yellinfo - shows your yell color, shade and tag
::setyellshade - yell shade
::setyellcolor - yell color
::resettag - resets yell color shade tag
::Bank - for super donator+
::szone - teleports you to sponsor zone
::ezone - teleports you to executive zone
::dzone - teleports you to divine zone
::dab - divine donor can Dab animation


::inv-name - shows player inventory
::showbank-name - shows players bank
::xteleto name - teleport to player
::xteletome name - teleport player to you
::staffzone - teleports Helper+ to the Staff zone
::kick-playername-reason - kicks a player account offline
::jail-name-reason - jails player, they will have the option to serve their time or thieve 1000 key dust to combine into a key to get out of jail. player will lose EVERYTHING in their invent if they leave jail.


::unmute name
::unjail name
::checkmulti-name - checks players ip for accounts logged in


::challenge-reward_id-difficult (Difficult stands for characters in challenge)
::managegl - edit grand lottery
::unipmute name
::unipban name

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