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Divination Starter Guide

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Hello and welcome to the Divination Reborn starter guide

Choose your game mode

Citizen-The most basic game mode, can prestige 10 times, has base 0% DR/DDR and gets 100% effect from all DR/DDR items

Elite- The most hardcore game mode we have, Can prestige 10 times, base 0% DR/DDR, 1/2 Citizen XP rate after Prestige, 1/2 DR/DDR from items

Ironman- Casual and easiest game mode on divination , cant trade or stake, 3x XP gain, base 3% DR/0% DDR, 100% effect from DR/DDR items

The first thing i recommend doing after making your account is Voting on all sites to get yourself a free Collector neck

After or before voting you can choose to prestige or not to prestige with the Prestige master at home (prestiging gives 5% DR for citizens/Irons and 2.5% for elite)

Prestiging will reset all your combat and prayer back down to 1, so be prepared to grind that back up, i recommend getting bones before prestiging or level you thieving to
85 so you can thieve bones (check out our thieving guide here on money and bone thieving methods) http://divination-rsps.com/forums/index.php?/topic/136-thieving-guide/&tab=comments#comment-201

After choosing if you wanna gain the 5% or not you can move onto either slayer (guide soon to come) or killing bosses to gain gear!

Go ahead and click your magic book or type ::train to begin killing bosses

Tier 1 is where you wanna start, from the list top to bottom is the order you'd wanna go in based on what attack style you wanna choose


Tier 1 bosses

Tier 2 bosses
Galactic invader-Mage

Tier 3 bosses
Predator assassin-Melee
Predator Druid-Mage
Predator archer-Range

Tier 4 bosses

Tier 5 bosses
Destroyer of worlds-Melee
Dragon hunter-Range

Tier 6 bosses
Storm breaker-Melee
Jade archer-Range

After you have completed your tier 6 boss armor set your ready grind out 1,000 kill count if you havent gotten there already (you can check kill count with ::npckills)
After getting 1,000 kill count and your tier 6 boss armor you are ready to kill some raid bosses! here is a list and tiers of each raid boss


Tier 1 raid bosses

Tier 2 Raid bosses

Tier 3 Raid bosses
Aquatic warrior-Melee
Aquatic Ranger-Range
Aquatic Mage-Mage

Tier 4 Raids bosses(Can only be fought after getting a forgotten Crystal drop from a tier 3 raid boss)
Forgotten warrior- BIS Melee
Forgotten Ranger-BIS Range
Forgotten Mage-BIS Mage

Tier 5 raid boss
Nex(Not currently in game)

After you Complete raids tier 3 gear at least your ready to move onto your 2,500 Kill count for Forge bosses (Raid bosses do not count toward kill count)
These are the Tiers of forge bosses you can kill after getting 2,500 Npc Kills


Tier 1
Zamorak- Range/melee

Tier 2
Raijin-sama- Melee
Captain Blackbeard-Range
Lunarian Prince-Mage

Tier 3
Earth Elemental-Melee
Air Elemental-Range
Fire Elemental-Melee
Water Elemental-Mage

I hope this helps you begin your journey in Divination! Feel free to PM any staff online for help or tips!




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Good job Cybora! Simple easy to follow instructions!

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