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shadow corey

Trivia Answer Guide

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 Who is the Owner of Divination?

Who is the co owner of Divination?


who is the Development company for Divination?
TMMS Development


Where can i go to upgrade my jewelry?
Divine Jeweler


Where can i purchase the Mysterio Set?
Achievement Rewards Shop


Where can i purchase red recolor dye?
Warzone Rewards Shop


Where can i purchase the divine recolor dye?
Divine shard shop


Where can i purchase a combat assisting pet?
Arena Rewards Shop


What is the most expensive Vote Reward?
Gold Recolor Dye


What boss appears first in the Boss Arena?


How many waves are in the Boss Arena?


How many players can join the Boss Arena together?


Who is the first tier Magic Raids Boss?


Who is the first tier Melee Raids Boss?


Who is the first tier Ranged Raids Boss?


How many raids are there in Divination?


How many letters in the word Divination?


What is the lowest donor tier that can ::yell?
Super Donator


What is the highest donation tier?
Divine Donator


Where can I post a mute/ban appeal?


What is our website URL?


What is the max level in a skill?


At what Loyalty level do players unlock ::lz?


How many Combat Prestige Levels are there?


Where do you go to Prestige?

Prestige Master

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