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Divination Official Price Guide

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Anime Cosmetics

Full Set - 1.5Q

Per Piece - 300T


Greater Box Zone

Mystery Box - 500B

Super Mystery Box - 1T

Pet Mystery Box - 500B

Ultra Mystery Box - 2.5T

Legendary Mystery Box - 4T

Cash Box - 2.5T

Aura Booster Box - 15T



DR Set - 10T

DR Per Piece - 2T

Ring of Wealth (I) - 15T

Gold Chain - 2T

Lamp - 250B



 Malevolent Full Set - 35T

Malevolent Per Piece - 4T



 Goku Full Set - 15T

Goku Per Piece - 4T


American Bosses

American Full Set - 30T

American Per Piece - 10T

American Weapon Drops - 15T



Necromancer Full Set - 150T

Necromancer Per Piece - 20T

Yix Amulet - 15T

Tam Amulet - 15T

Nax Amulet - 15T

Trix Orb - 250T



Trix Full Set - 100T

Trix Per Piece - 15T

Gandalf Staff - 25T

Yix Amulet - 15T

Tam Amulet - 15T

Nax Amulet - 15T



Olaf Full Set - 100T

Olaf Per Piece - 15T

Thor's Hammer - 25T

Olaf's Death Scythe - 25T



Siren Full Set - 100T

Siren Per Piece - 20T

Sirenic Minigun - 40T


Galactic Invader

Galactic Full Set - 250T

Galactic Per Piece - 40T

Galactic Staff - 60T



Rogue Full Set - 250T

Rogue Per Piece - 40T

Minigun - 80T


Guardian of Am'Orth

Guardian of Am'Orth Full Set - 300T

Guardian of Am'Orth Per Piece - 40T

Am'Orth's Sword - 60T


Predator Bosses

Predator Full Set - 300T

Predator Per Piece - 60T

Predator Mainhand / Offhand - 100T


Corporeal Beast

Lucifer Full Set - 550T

Lucifer Per Piece - 75T

Lucifer's Sword - 125T



Cadmus Full Set - 550T

Cadmus Per Piece - 75T

Cadmus Spear - 125T



Khione's Full Set - 550T

Khione's Per Piece - 75T

Khione's Staff - 125T

Khione's Offhand Staff - 250T

Khione's Arrow - 400T



Artemis Full Set - 550T

Artemis Per Piece - 75T

Artemis Bow - 125T


Infernal Emperor

Infernal Emperor Full Set - 2Q

Infernal Emperor Per Piece - 250T

Infernal Glaive - 400T


Fallen Eclipse

Fallen Eclipse Full Set - 1.5Q

Fallen Eclipse Per Piece - 250T

Fallen Eclipse Staff - 500T

Fallen Eclipse Offhand - 500T



Shade Full Set - 2Q

Shade Per Piece - 250T

Shade's Bow - 400T

Shade's Arrow - 600T


Destroyer of Worlds

D.O.W. Full Set - 4Q

D.O.W. Per Piece -750T

World Destroyer - 1Q

D.O.W. Horn - 1.5Q



Polyforian Full Set - 4.5Q

Polyforian Per Piece -750T

Polyforian Staff - 1Q


Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter Full Set - 4Q

Dragon Hunter Per Piece -750T

Dragon Hunter's Bow - 1Q

Dragon Hunter's Shield  - 1Q



Vulgarian Full Set - 6.5Q

Vulgarian Per Piece -1250T

Vulgarian Staff - 2.5Q


Storm Breaker

Storm Breaker Full Set - 6.5Q

Storm Breaker Per Piece -1250T

Storm Breaker Maul - 2.5Q


Jade Archer

Jade Archer Full Set - 6.5Q

Jade Archer Per Piece -1250T

Jade Archer Bow - 2.5Q



Harry Potter Robes - 75T

Elder Wand - 150T



Guardian Full Set - 7.5Q

Guardian Per Piece - 1.5Q

Guardian's Katana - 2.5Q



Draconic Full Set - 10Q

Draconic Per Piece - 2Q

Loyal Dragon - 3Q

Electronic Katana - 4Q



Raiden Full Set - 15Q

Raiden Per Piece - 3Q

Raiden's Staff - 5Q



Diabolic Full Set - 10Q

Diabolic Per Piece - 2Q

Diabolic Bow - 4Q



Cruor Full Set - 50Q

Cruor Per Piece - 10Q

Fumus Full Set - 35Q

Fumus Per Piece - 7Q

Glacies Full Set - 35Q

Glacies Per Piece - 7Q

Umbra Full Set - 35Q

Umbra Per Piece - 7Q



Trinity Melee Full Set - 125Q

Trinity Melee Per Piece - 25Q

Trinity 2H Sword - 35Q

Trinity Mainhand / Offhand Sword - 30Q

Trinity Archer Full Set - 125Q

Trinity Archer Per Piece - 25Q

Bow of Trinity - 35Q

Trinity Mainhand / Offhand Crossbow - 30Q

Trinity Mage Full Set - 125Q

Trinity Mage Per Piece - 25Q

Staff of Trinity - 35Q

Trinity Wand / Book - 30Q


Valkyrie (::lz)

Valkyrie Full Set - 100Q

Valkyrie Per Piece - 15Q

Valkyrie Staff - 20Q

Valkyrie Mainhand / Offhand Sword - 15Q

Valkyrie 2H Crossbow - 20Q


Upgrade Chest

Collector's Necklace - 50T

Ring of Fortune - 125T

American Items (u) - 15T

Soulflare (u) - 25T

SJM Katana (u) - 25T

Eternal Khione's Staff - 200T 

Golden Minigun - 500T

M4A4 Asiimov - 1.5Q

Harry Potter Robes (t) - 125T

Ultimate Divine Katana - 6Q


The High Gnome

Reefer Set - 15Q

Reefer Per Piece - 2Q



Battle Hound Set - 5Q

Battle Hound Per Piece - 1Q

Battle Hound Mainhand / Offhand Sword - 1.5Q

Battle Hound Rapier - 1.5Q


Arcade Shop

Will be priced after rework


Avenger Shop

Will be priced after rework


Achievement Shop

Will be priced after rework


Prestige Shop

Will be priced after rework


Wilderness Shop

Will be priced after rework


Aura Booster Box

Coming Soon


Donation Items

$5 Donation Credit - 5Q

BFG Mainhand - 25Q

BFG Offhand - 25Q

Blackjack Table - 20Q

Lava Blackjack Table - 40Q

Helicopter Pet - 50Q

Yoda Pet - 100Q

AK-47 Asiimov - 20Q

AWP Asiimov - 45Q

$100 Mystery Box - 100Q

Ring of Oz - 100Q

Arrow of Oz - 150Q

Send Nudes Aura - 60Q

Mini Me - 200Q


Halloween Event Items

Captain America Shield (t) - 150T

Wonder Woman Shield - 150T

Swords of Gods - 300T

Pennywise Pieces - 250T

Pennywise Mask - 250T

Pumpkin Egg - 175Q

Flaming Skull - 40Q

Angelic Armor Set - 200Q

H'ween Destroyer - 50Q

H'ween Bow - 50Q

Custom Limited Edition Masks - 75Q

King of Halloween Mask - 500Q

Queen of Halloween Mask - 500Q

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