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Update Log 11/1/19

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Divination had an amazing launch, with a rocky road ahead of it.

Instead of bringing back what divination had in the beginning, we are going to make it better than ever.

This is only the beginning.


New Login Screen

The divination login screen has been completely redone, and the client frame has been changed.




Halloween Event

Every 30 minutes a witch will spawn. The witch has 2 forms you will have to kill.



After the witch is dead, you will have a 1/5 chance to get a halloween box.

The witch also drops the new halloween masks 1/5,000!

Anyone that deals damage to the witch will get a drop.


Halloween Boxes

You can get halloween boxes from:

- Killing the undead witch

- Donating on the store




Halloween Bow

The halloween bow has 16,000 range bonus and is the best range weapon in the game.

You can get the halloween bow from halloween boxes.



Flaming Skulls

The flaming skulls have very good stats.

You can get the flaming skull from halloween boxes.

e7f932cc4886b4ca6ef2af185770db2c.png 2d58d58a0c05327f9f2430961bb1ecb0.png 661f0953aef3470046e20ab5cdab3dbe.png 5189eb29509ef1da1d5fb06b1eb0646f.png

You can change the color of your flaming skull to any of the 4 colors above at any time.




Angelic Armour Set

The angelic armour set is the best armour set in the game.

You can get this armour set from the halloween boxes.




Pumpkin pet

The pumpkin pet gives 35% drop rate boost, and will help deal damage against your enemies.

You can get the pumpkin pet from halloween boxes.



Halloween Destructor

The halloween destructor is the best melee weapon in the game.

You can get the halloween destructor from halloween boxes.



Halloween Masks

A large variety of custom never-before-seen cosmetic masks have been added to the game,

including the "King of Halloween Mask" and the "Queen of Halloween Mask". They

can be obtained as rare loots from the event Witch.


Soul System

The soul system has been entirely reworked to use every current NPC in game. Combine

200 souls (1 per NPC kill) to craft a Soul Key. You can use the soul keys at ::home near

the AFK thieve stall. Both souls and keys are stackable.
(A soul drop)
(The new soul interface)

Players will have a chance to get any of the NPC's original drops as a "rare" soul key loot.
Beginner bosses start with a 100% chance, then phase to 80%, 60%, ect. respectively.

Zen Pet

The new Zen pet is quite possible the best loot from the new soul system. It

can be obtained through Slayer Soul Keys, which can be purchased for

2000 slayer points in the third prestige shop.


The Zen Pet grants players 20% DR Boost, as well as hits for 1000 damage per player hit!


::lz (Loyalty Zone)

The Loyalty Zone is now home to the new Valkyrie NPC. Players with 99+ loyalty

may teleport there using the command ::lz. The Valkyrie set is a Hybrid set 

containing a 2h crossbow, a staff, and a main and offhand sword.

This set is currently the third best set ingame.





Survivor's Set

The model fix for the Survivor's Body has been fixed. The Survivor Set will continue to be

sold through November to all members who donate a total of $200+. Our charity for

November will remain Breast Cancer Research.


The Survivor's Cape will also be available in the item shop for $400 as a 1-hit item!
Wearing the cape will make you 1 hit any non-raids NPC (up to 1m damage)


The $100 Donation Mystery Box

The updated loot list for the $100 Mystery Box in the item shop!

$90 in Credits

$100 in Credits

Heli Pet ($75)

Ak-47 Asiimov ($85)

Yoda Pet ($90)

Send Nudes Icon ($125)



$150 in Credits

$200 in Credits

5 Divine Mystery Boxes ($175)

Ring of Oz ($185)



$250 in Credits

$300 in Credits

Executive Totem ($200)

Arrow of Oz ($225)

Mini Me Ticket ($275)


Ultra Rare:

Divination Glaive ($1000)




  • Fixed a ton of inventory models in the game
  • Reworked particle system
  • Textures now move nonstop in inventory
  • Reworked the client frame
  • Added client icon
  • Fixed cursor icons (hovering over stuff)
  • Added new world map image
  • Added new alerts image

Coming soon:

  • New home
  • Launcher
  • Thanksgiving event
  • + MORE



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