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How to set up screenshots folder

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For those who don't know Divination has an auto screenshot system, what this does on announced drops the game will auto screenshot your drop for you so you can have a record of it! Or simply clicking on the bottom right "RED" tab "Screenshot" to capture a special divination moment!


Now! Lets set up the screenshot system just in case it did not come with your download! 

Step 1. Find your Div cache file It can be found easily! Let's go to "This PC"


Step 2. Lets select "Local Disk (C:)


Step 3. A bunch of folders and other documents would appear but we're only here for 1 "Users"


Step 4. After selecting users, few files would appear but select the one that's register to most of the time its your name 


Step 5. Find divination CACHE!!!


Step 6. Right-click anywhere in the white box without highlighting anything to create new folder



05b32f567d268a03d5f21747be8311cd.png just rename it screenshots and you're all set! thanks for reading along on wiki.how gg


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