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LIMITED TIME Tyrannosaurus Rex Pet

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Hello, Divination Players.
I am happy to announce that we are going to add a new pet, which will be a LIMITED ONLY pet. This pet will be the best in-game pet and it's only going to be available one week once it comes out.  This pet is called "Tyrannosaurus Rex"  but the name is shortened to T-Rex.


This pet is a Limited Edition T-Rex Pet, which grants his owner an 80% Drop rate boost and a 30% Double Drop Rate boost. This pet grants you the soul split effect and a 2.5x damage multiplier. It has as well been trained to attack for 10000 damage per tick!


There are two ways to get this pet. The first way is to buy it as a bundle, in which the bundle comes with the T-Rex pet and a ring which will cost 450$. The second way is to buy it alone without the ring which will cost 400$. 

You can also pre-purchase this pet before it actually releasees to our servers!! We will give 4x 75$ mystery boxes as a bonus for those people that buys it before release. This deal is only available today!

Yours Truly,

The Community Manager.

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