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Welcome to Divination-RSPS, a 317 customs server released on August 8th of 2019. Here at Divination we strive to give you the best custom RSPS experience possible, with a fully functional casino and gambling skill, multiple tiers of bosses, a custom forging system, unique raids, and quests! Over 1000 custom items await you on your adventure through Divination! Join now!

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Hello, Divination Players.
I am happy to announce that we are hosting a special event which is called No Shave Quarantine Event.


For most of us, we are under Quarantine because of this COVID-19 ( Coronavirus), We will be doing an event

regarding this quarant...

PS4 Giveaway!, 01-04-2020, 04:41 by mike


General Information:

During the month of April we will be hosting a large number of "events" both in-game, and outside of the game,
that will give players a chance at earning a custom wrapped Divination PS4 Console and Controller. These "e...




The Rex Pet

Divination has a new best in slot LIMITED TIME pet! This pet is only available to the first
five players who purchase it, after that it will be discontinued from our store FOREVER!
The Rex pet can only be obtained through donation, it can not be purchased in-game for