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  1. Update Log 1: Halloween Hallows Eve I: Begin by speaking to the Mummy at home. Answer the Mummy's riddle. If you can, you'll be rewarded with a blade that allows you to kill the Hallows Eve Golem! Hallows Eve II: Once you have completed Hallows Eve I simply kill the Hallows Eve Golem and place top 10 in overall damage! You will be rewarded heavily from doing this often! Cursed Witch and Elite Skeleton Raids: You may teleport to the 2 Halloween Raids by using the Spooky Fireplace at home. Both raids reward Divine Candy as common loot in quantities of 100, as well as Costume Pieces from 5 different costume sets as Rare loot and 6 different PNPC shards as Ultra Rare Loot! Divine Candy can then be spent with the Spooky Guy at home by the fireplace for custom masks, the new H'ween dye, and more! Halloween Dye: The H'ween dye has been added to the game. It can dye any of the pre-existing dyable items as well as the new Angelic Set (dyable by all dyes), and the Flaming Skulls (dyable by all dyes) Hallows Eve Golem: The Hallows Eve Golem will spawn once every 30 minutes for all players. This is a multi boss. The top 10 players who damage the boss will receive Halloween Boxes. You will need to equip the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade from completing Hollows Eve I in order to damage the Hallows Eve Golem. Halloween Boxes: Halloween Boxes can be purchased in the store for $1 each or earned by killing the Hollows Eve Golem. Common Loots: Divine Candy (25-500) Uncommon Loots: Skeleton Costume Set Pieces (5 pieces) Angelic Costume Set Pieces (7 pieces) - DYEABLE Rare Loots: Spooky Golem Costume Pieces (8 pieces) Angelic Costume Set H'ween Destructor (Melee Wep, 20k damage) H'ween Bow (Range Wep, 20k damage) Set Spoilers: Flaming Skulls: Angelic: Custom H'weens: Cluckinator 5000: Spooky Golem: And much more! Other / Bug Fixes: Added x2 XP ring to uncommon loot from Auragenic Case 1 and 2 Added Third Eye Aura (x2 XP gain) to both Auragenic Case 1 and 2 Changed rarity for Weapon and Armour crates and keys from Rare to Uncommon Added command ::noobsown that redirects you to Noobs Own's youtube channel Re-added Valkyrire NPC's to Loyalty Zone Fixed an issue where pets would clip over NPC's and remove the NPC's actions. Pets will now always go under other NPC's Fixed an error with using keys on boxes and it treating it as if you were doing herblore Fixed dragon hunter bones XP rates Fixed shops buy 1, 5, 10, and X ammounts Fixed error where items in players inventory do not reload when purchasing items from shops Fixed an error where loot display would not show when completing a Forgotten Trinity raid Fixed an error where regular players could not summon a Loot Goblin. Made it so that you can not attack a Loot Goblin with a pet out. Lowered Loot Goblin health to 1000 from 10000 Air and Fire bones will now properly stack Removed the rotating NPC's on the boss teleports interface completely for lag reduction Kill counts from Raids SHOULD now properly count towards overall kill count for KC requirements When doing the Boss Arena quest and in duos, both the partner and part leader will now receive quest completions Removed the base drop rate boost on staff accounts Fixed names of items that appear improperly when an item is dropped or traded Leaving jail will now only remove items from the players inven rather than their inven and equipments Adjusted rate of RAPID combat style for ranged to match other combat styles Raised cash loot from Forge bosses Added regular donator ticket to the vote shop for 25 Vote Points Changed price of Auragenic 1 and 2 Boxes and Keys from the Boss Arena shop.
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